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Feb 9, 2014 12:04 PM

Bakeries in the Collegeville/Phoenixville/Limerick area

What are your favorite bakeries in the Collegeville/Phoenixville/Limerick area, and what would you recommend getting there?

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  1. My absolute favorite bakery in that area is St. Peter's Bakery, in St Peters, PA. Delicious bread and pastries. Love going there in the warmer weather and enjoying lunch outside on their deck, overlooking French Creek.

    1. We especially like St. Peter's baguettes and crossants. And agreed, there are few finer places to sit outside and eat freshly baked bread.

      1. I was waiting to offer my suggestion till others answered with more area specific replies, as I do not use any bakeries in the area you mentioned. I do know some like the bakery at the Collegeville Deli & Bakery on Ridge Ave., on the right sided coming from Collegeville.

        My favorite suburban bakery close to the area you mentioned is:

        Alice Bakery & Confectionery
        4.5 star rating
        Categories: Bakeries, Cafes, Sandwiches
        129 S Main St
        North Wales, PA 1945

        Well worth the extra time drive( 25 mins from Collegeville) for way above average baked goods including wonderful breads.