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Kerrygold Butter Shortage

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Seems to be a shortage of the lightly salted Kerrrygold butter here in the US (gold label). Whole Foods and Giant totally out of the stuff. Any ideas or recent spottings?

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  1. Last time I wanted some (last week) I didn't notice any problems here in NY. Maybe a local supplier has issues, monetary or otherwise?

    1. saw the usual display at TJs in california last week..no noticeable shortage

      1. No problem here in Northern VA at Harris Teeters.

        1. Trader Joe's (Towson) and Wegmans (Hunt Valley)

          1. I noticed Kerry Gold in the Vienna Giant, yesterday. I almost bought some.

            1. Balduccis and Society fair in Alexandria had it last time I looked...

              1. Publix in the southeast doesn't show any shortge...

                1. They had it at my Texas Costco on Friday.

                  1. I'm not sure about DC but here in Michigan we actually can find it at Trader Joe's. And it's more affordable there than the other places.

                    I really hope there isn't a shortage. My husband is obsessed with that butter.

                    1. I'm pretty sure the Giants on Democracy and Tuckerman in Bethesda have it.

                      1. I got some in Sterling Costco last week. But it's interesting that you say there is a shortage because there was hardly any butter left, and I took the next to last one. I figured it just needed to be stocked or they were waiting for a shipment. They had plenty of the same brand of cheese.

                        1. I saw it in Trader Joe's in Falls Church over the weekend.