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Feb 9, 2014 11:09 AM

Great NY Pizza near Orpheum Theatre

We're coming up to NYC from Baltimore to see Stomp. Where can we go for the best-NY style pizza before the show that's relatively nearby the theater?

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  1. While a little farther north.. I am a huge fan of Mariella Pizza on 3rd and 15th. Also there is the artichoke pizza on 14th but I think its a bit over rated.


    1. Motorino
      Address: 349 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

      1. Depends what you mean by NY style... Coal oven? Gas oven?

        If coal oven, there's nothing really great nearby in the East Village. Closest is probably Arturo's on Houston. Not a fan of Luzzo's flavorless crust.

        If takeout/stand up/counter style gas oven, do South Brooklyn Pizza's branch on 1st Avenue or Joe's new location on 14th. No table service.

        Avoid Artichoke (crust is too thick and the sauce too sweet).

        Motorino is excellent but popular and also Naples style. Not NY style. It's one of my favorites ever, but not exactly what you're looking for.

        1. probably a gas or brick oven. And when I think of NY style, I think of thin, yet not super thin crust-- the slices that New Yorkers often fold up to eat...

          1. If you want just a quick slice, I'd recommend Joe's at 14th and 3rd. To me, that *is* the New York slice.

            South Brooklyn Pizza at 1st and 7th is also great.

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              Thanks for all these fabulous suggestions! Can you sit down at Joe's? Quick is ok, especially if the pizza is stellar, but we'll be on foot from Penn Station, so we'll definitely be ready to sit and relax!

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                Small handful of stools, you'll be lucky if you can grab them. It's not really a place to sit and longer.

                1. re: stephanieg

                  Take the N/R from Herald Sq to 8th St, stroll past the "cube" and down St Marks, go past Stomp, grab a slice at South Brooklyn, and then backtrack to Stomp?