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Feb 9, 2014 09:57 AM

Patisserie Tomoko, Flying Frist Visit

I stopped in on my way to work to get some Gin Gazed Donuts and pick up a few pastries. The donuts were floral and welcome as ever, I had them as a gift a year ago, but as fine as they were the chestnut coffee pastry took the cake brought home the bacon carried the day. As the New York Times said there is an air about the place of still settling in.

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  1. Second time I had a great brioche cube lightly filled with custard. Get yours soon.

    1. Their dessert tasting was pretty excellent. Nothing too sweet. Balanced flavors and of course, pretty plating:

      1. cool been meaning to try

          1. Their mochi is very good, had both the green tea and the earl grey chocolate. The chocolate had a very intense earl grey flavor. The mochi was fresh, with an excellent texture and pliancy. The fillings were perhaps a slight touch too sweet for me, but flavors were delicious.

            Also had the green tea roulade which was less sweet than the mochis, very light, creamy, clean tasting with bitter matcha, excellent.

            Really wonderful addition to the neighborhood. There is an impressive level of skill evident in the execution of the items I tasted. Tomoko probably will become one of my favorite bakeries in the city.

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              Tried the delicious seasonal mochi, sakura flavor, by far my favorite, herbaceous notes, floral notes, great texture to the mochi, chunky red been filling.

              The ricotta cheesecake, is an item that I've wanted to try for some time now. I thought it would more like an Italian cheesecake and was disappointed. The consistency is mousse-like, very light, and I loved the soft crust bottom, but the cake tastes like raw ricotta and was not quite what I wanted.

              Their mint chocolate macaron is intensely and beautifully flavored, but the filling was very unevenly spread and I think it suffers from the refrigeration.