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Feb 9, 2014 09:45 AM

Delivery in Old Town

Hello! I'm visiting friends who live in Old Town for their small wedding this weekend. I've somehow been tasked with figuring out dinner after the ceremony. Yes, I realize this is quite last minute, but the bride isn't particularly organized. Any suggestions for dinner delivery for 20 or so after the ceremony? I'd rather not cook, so am hoping my Chicago CHers have some good ideas. Probably nothing too meat-centric, but somewhat classy and obviously chow-worthy.


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  1. Is there a specific cuisine you are interested in? Becuase there are the usual suspects like Pizza/Pasta, Chinese, Thai

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      Thanks! Not pizza. Pasta could work. Is there a place that has nice pastas, salads and antipasti? Appreciate the suggestions!

    2. As a start I would go to Diningin Chicago. They have at least 100 restaurants that deliver to Old Town. They also have some restaurants that deliver catering menus. I doubt that you will want individual orders per diner and from different restaurants but that option is available.

      Another way to go is to pick an old town restaurant like Vinci which serves very decent Italian and they also offer catering menus (check their website for details and pricing). Vinci delivers through Diningin but their catering menu is not offered on the diningin website. Perhaps arrangements can be made with diningin but you will pay much less if you could arrange to pick it up directly from the restaurant.
      Good Luck!

      1. eat24, grubhub, seamless -check all for delivery. Old Town is prime delivery territory.

        1. I've eaten here a few times. It's competent Italian in Old Town, and they have had a piano player when I was there. Maybe your group would like to go out? It's kind of a romantic restaurant. They have packages for groups.