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Feb 9, 2014 09:07 AM

what is your favorite homemade post-exercise meal/snack recipe?

I love running, or any exercise in general, and also love cooking. I recently learned that good snack right after exercise can improve recovery and muscle growth and help improve performance. so I want to make my own post exercise snack and not rely on store bought energy bars to enjoy cooking and know better about what I'm eating. so let me know any recipes that I can try! thank you!

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  1. There are many opinions about what is best as a post-excersize snack is, but from what i have read the general consensus is that a balance of protein and carbs is best after strenuous excersize.
    That said, here are a few of my favorites:

    I love these snack bars, but i make them in bars have the size suggested:

    Often i'll have plain greek yogurt with a handful of my favorite granola- i make it with more quinoa instead of the buckwheat, and use whatever nuts and dried fruit i have in the same proportion as the recipe:

    These muffins are great since there is protein from the almond flour and nut butter and carbs from the bananas:

    Or as a small meal i'll make a smoothie, right now my favorite is:
    Blueberries, unsweetened almond milk, spinach, a glob of almond butter and either greek yogurt or vanilla protein powder.

    Hope these ideas help you out!

    1. Emperry, I hate running and exercise in general :-) but while on my high school and college's tennis team my post-game routine was always an icy cold glass of whole milk. It was (relatively) inexpensive, and always tasted so good---but I was young, and that isn't truly the snack you were looking for.

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        Actually there is current support for chocolate low fat milk as a post workout recovery snack- the combo of carbs and protein is easily digested, 8oz or so is recommended.

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          The irony of the chocolate milk push is that although it can be a good recovery drink, a majority of endurance athletes, myself included, are incapable of drinking dairy after long workouts. It's a decent option for rides/runs about to ~hour, but anything longer and you should isolate the macro - start with carbs, and ease into protein and fat.

          1. re: redips

            I think endurance athlete's needs are often much more specific and complicated than what falls under the general "excersize recovery" question.
            I would assume electrolyte balance and rehydration would also be needs of an endurance athlete vs the recreational excersizer's (is that even a word??) needs for a carbs/protein mix.

            Two seperate categories of need IMO. I read the OP as a recreational excersize post workout question.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              I certainly don't disagreeā€¦ just a tangent thought on your mention of Chocolate Milk :)

      2. when i could eat gluten and dairy (sigh), one of my favorite post recovery snacks was non-fat cottage cheese (yes i know the fat is good, i just preferred the nonfat flavor as that's what i grew up with), cooked barley (or brown rice), a little sweetener, vanilla and cinnamon, then nuked it in the micro stirring even so often til it just got a little gooey. it was like a healthier proteiny barley or rice pudding.

        i've always had, and still have, a passion for egg white (or include a yolk or two) omelets.
        or cook the eggs with some green chiles, tomatoes a little cheese and roll up in a whole wheat tortilla.
        or some egg (white) salad shoved in a whole wheat pita.

        or tuna salad with a little mayo, onion, celery, diced red apple and a dash of curry powder.

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          I LOVE egg white anything. I routinely have a big plate of whites after a workout. Tuna is also great and very convenient. For variety, I keep cans of tuna, salmon, and sardines around.

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            I just made your cottage cheese/brown rice concoction for a late night snack with honey as my sweetener- very comforting...probably should have worked out before consuming:)

            1. re: brilynn79

              at least you got some protein and fiber in! ;)

          2. Summer: Ice cream and Wheat Thins

            Winter: Warm tapioca pudding and granola

            1. My SO got me a great cookbook for Christmas called Power Hungry - The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook. I love it. They have recipe for every type of bar, plus truffles, muffins, etc. It is 90% whole food ingredients plus protein powder (both vegan and whey).

              What type of re-fuel you need depends on what type of exercise you did. In other words, strength training vs. long, moderate cardio. One may require more protein while the other more carbs. I highly recommend the cookbook. The banana protein pucks (like muffins) and the protein truffles are my favorite and their are many variations on ingredients given. Good luck!