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Feb 9, 2014 07:40 AM

Would you wait 2 hours for a table at a restaurant?

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) we went to run some errands and decided to stop at a fairly new restaurant (open over a month) in the adjacent smaller town next to ours. We had our 5 yr old in tow so we decided 4:30pm was early but a good time to eat. So I walk in and it's like I walked into what I expect to see in a 3rd world country. kids running everywhere. People sitting on the ground! Yes, the ground! People just swarming all over the place. A mom crouched down with wine in one hand bottle feeding her baby with the other and two kids climbing on her back. It was so nuts if I saw a herd of goats walk by I wouldn't have been surprised.

So once I fight my way to the host stand I find out the wait is 1.5 hrs. She says maybe 2. So I ask if it's always like this and she said "wait until it's really dinner time. It's usually over a 2 hr wait!" We declined and decided the chaos wasn't worth it so we drove away. The town is pretty small so not much to do in the way of killing time somewhere else.

I guess the food is pretty decent. Comfort food like chicken and mac and cheese. Plates ranging from $7-28 and the interior is cute in this throwback style kind of like Houstons or the Hillstone restaurants.

Would you wait 1-2 hrs to get a table? I have a 20 min or less policy. I can't believe all these people were willing to wait for such a long time!

Are there restaurants in your area that have super long wait times? Have you made it thru the wait? Is the food worth it?

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  1. Two hour wait? With kids everywhere? For lame food?

    Are you kidding? I wouldn't wait for that kind of food, in that kind of setting, if it was free. Sh*t, they'd have to pay me to wait five minutes and my first drink better be free! I don't think I'd ever even contemplate going there, but if I ever mentioned that the thought crossed my mind, Mrs. Z would probably slap me.

    1. No I would not. I also would not stay to have a meal where in a restaurant where there is so much chaos.

      1. Franklin BBQ, yes.
        What you describe? Not in a million years. Actually can't really think of any other place I would wait that long for a meal. Franklin only because it is a pilgrimage and you know what you're getting into and can mentally prepare in advance.

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        1. We waited for over 2 hours at Joe's, when my husband went to chat with the "Seater person" the manager happened to be there and was appalled we had been waiting for over 2 hours. Gave us a free round of drinks and we were seated 10 minutes later. But prior, we were getting pretty good at real vs fake. And the meal was totally worth the wait. Totally changed some food perceptions (i.e. mustard is evil) it's not when used subtly.

          But the OP's situation, keep on walking, apple bees will seem peaceful

        2. There's one place I could think of that doesn't take reservations, it's about 15 minutes away. I would never take my kid there because its just asking for disaster. I can't expect a 3yo to wait for an hour or more, then sit down for a whole meal.

          1. Absolutely not. And double absolutely with a young child.