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Feb 9, 2014 04:42 AM

old school cantonese in causeway bay ?

old school cantonese in causeway bay ?

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  1. 'Old school' is becoming 'rare'!! One reason being all the chefs are dying off!! Besides, the trend dictates establishments to evolve and try following the current fusion trend.
    However, a couple of old stalwart might still have some really traditional stuff in their repertoire. These would include 'Tai Woo' on Lockhart Road, Jade Garden on Lockhart Road and Xin Dau Ji behind Time Square.
    For double boiled soup based on recipes passed down through generations and Chinese wind dried preserved meats and sausages, BBQ meats,..etc The hole-in-the-wall 'She Wong Yee' on Percival street is almost second to none!!
    However, best is for you to head over to Tso Choi Koon in Jordan or Kowloon City on Kowloon side or Fung Shing on Nathan Road. Lastly, Tak Lung is good too!
    Good luck!

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      Thank You !
      Will these places have english menus ?

    2. also ; any favorite tea shops in HK ?

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