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Feb 9, 2014 04:34 AM

The Bier Abbey, Schenectady

Has anyone been to the Bier Abbey recently? The tap list looks great and the food looks promising.

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  1. Not much on this Board. The Yelp perspective:

    Roger K's "the man" on this one. Or should I say "the hound"?

    1. So we went to The Bier Abbey after The Book of Mormon..... fantastic place! I suggest sitting at the bar, very friendly attentive, knowledgeable bartenders. SO had a BLT that was so huge! Served on a baguette(a very good one i might add), house mayo and an awesome bacon. I had the Abbey Burger, cooked perfectly it was one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. Having 2 beers and a sandwich plate each we got out of there for under $50 before tip. I live an hour and ten minutes away but in my opinion it is worth the drive.

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      1. We went to The Bier Abbey for the first time recently.

        Were headed to Saigon Spring, then decided its been awhile since we'd been to Cella Bistro . . .couldn't find parking near Cella Bistro . . .headed toward Union Street and ended up at The Bier Abbey. Grabbed a parking spot in the lot near Manhattan Exchange (not sure if this is also parking for The Bier Abbey but the car was still there after dinner).

        We didn't have a reservation. Hostess was warm and professional. Seated us right away.

        Now on to the food:

        We started with Belgian fries, mayo and ancho mayo. Very good.

        Also had fresh mussels Thai curry, coconut milk, green Thai curry and wheat bier. Served with grilled bread. At 2 lbs enough for two. I liked the smaller mussels, very tender.

        SO had fish and chips (really Belgian frites). Enormous piece of fish. Enough for 2-3.

        I don't remember what biers we had. I had a dark, IPA. Our server was knowledgeable about the biers and made a good suggestion when I told him what I liked. SO had a beir he didn't care for. Me either. His second choice was better.

        Excellent value. Service was professional and attentive. Love the architecture of the older buildings in Schenectady, Troy, Albany and grateful when they are restored.

        Place could be lively (and noisy as more bier gets consumed). The smaller rooms vs. one large open dining room helps with the noise level some. We were seated in a corner in one of the rooms closest to Union Street.

        Based on our experience, their tag line "Great beer. Great service. Great food" seems appropriate.

        1. Ended up at Bier Abbey when we couldn't get a table at Johnny's (opened last year by Mallozzi Group).

          This time we sat in the back dining room. Unfortunately my back was to the wall so I couldn't watch the World Cup.

          Forgot what beers everyone had.

          We started with spinach, goat cheese, strawberries and candied walnuts salad.

          Also had frites with honey mustard and chipotle mayo. Everyone raved about how good the honey mustard was.

          One diner had the fish and chips. Enough for two.

          I had the Thai mussels. Two pounds. Sweet, cooked perfectly.

          Another diner had the mussels special with bacon and ?

          SO had a burger on brioche.

          We shared a waffle with fruit, etc. for dessert.