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Feb 9, 2014 01:36 AM

unable to click on particular site from "my boards" dropdown

hi --

i have put three sites on the "my boards" list for me. when i hover over "my boards," they all show, but as soon as i move the cursor to click on a particular one, the dropdown drops UP instead (in other words, closes) and i can't click on any of them!

the only workaround i have found so far is to click on the "my boards" title itself, which brings me to a different page, showing the sites on the "my boards" dropdown. then i can click on whichever one i want from the list.

am i doing something wrong?

thanks! by the way, i am a newbie, so i appreciate your patience. before i sent this post, i did do a search for "my boards" topics, but i couldn't find any definitive answers; most of the the replies ended up saying "it's intermittent," "it's OK now," etc.

-- susie margaret

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  1. Hi susie margaret,

    I think you are using a desktop computer, but if not, let us know.

    What browser are you using? (Safari? Firefox?)

    The way this should work is that you can hover your mouse over "My Boards" and then just move your mouse down to the board you want (without clicking), and then finally, click on that board.

    Hopefully that helps, let us know about the questions above and we could check to see if there are any bugs.

    Dave MP

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    1. re: Dave MP

      hi, dave --

      thanks for responding so quickly!

      i am using firefox on a desktop computer with windows XP/SP3.

      i do understand how it is supposed to work, but when i try to move the cursor down from "my boards," the dropdown rolls up before i can click on anything.

      i have been trying it periodically since i first posted. i just tried it again; the dropdown will hold still maybe once in thirty tries, usually even less than that.

      and here's a new development that i'm not sure i encountered yesterday (probably because i was messing around only with "my boards" while exploring the site in general) -- now i am having this same problem (dropdowns won't stay still) with ALL of the titles in the ribbon ("features," "recipes," "product reviews," "chowhound," "my boards")!

      this seems to be the same problem discussed at (2008), but it doesn't appear that a resolution was reached in that thread.

      there is a similar discussion at (2009), and one post suggested that moving the cursor very quickly into the dropdown would make it stay in place (whereas moving the cursor slowly would make the dropdown roll up again before a selection could be made).

      i tried the moving-quickly suggestion, and it seems to work SOMETIMES but not always. plus i don't think this will help for someone whose reflexes aren't practically instantaneous (in other words, 67-year-old me, most of the time!).

      got any ideas?

      thanks -- susie margaret

      1. re: susiemargaret

        Susie margaret --
        I've had the same problem ever since I started using these forums, a few months ago. I don't think it's our reflexes!

        I'm using Firefox on a desktop PC with Windows Vista.

        1. re: Red Oakley

          hi, red --

          thanks for your response! now at least i know i'm not losing my mind, which i always worry about when it seems i am the only one out of thousands who has a particular problem!

          -- susie margaret

          1. re: Red Oakley

            I have the same problem, sometimes, on a desktop computer with Explorer and always on a laptop with Vista. The laptop is old and slow so I figured that was the cause.

            1. re: tcamp

              hi, T --

              well, i've checked and i have the latest version of firefox, as suggested above. it is still happening, but if i race to put the cursor in the dropdown box, lots of the time i can make the list stay in place so that i can click on one of the choices. very aggravating, however.

              i can't remember how old my computer is -- uh-oh, probably a bad sign! -- but i don't have this problem on any other websites.

              -- susie margaret

              1. re: susiemargaret

                It works for me in Chrome, but I've had the same problem with Firefox.

                1. re: MikeG

                  hi, mike --

                  i've never tried chrome, but perhaps it is now time for me to do so!

                  thanks for responding so quickly!

                  -- susie margaret

      2. Hi susiemargaret.

        Thanks for your report. Unfortunately, we're not able to reproduce this issue on Windows XP using Firefox. The dropdowns in the top nav also work correctly in IE8 and Chrome for us on Windows XP.

        You might try updating your version of Firefox--if you click on Help in the Firefox toolbar all the way to the right, then click on About Firefox, that should trigger the browser to check for updates. The most recent version is 27.

        Or perhaps try a different browser, such as Chrome.

        Hope that helps.

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        1. re: DeborahL

          I recently updated Firefox on my Windows 7 laptop and really regret it. I cannot stay logged in to any website that requires a login for more than about 15 minutes, including CH. I'd try another browser first before the FF update.

          1. re: DeborahL

            hello, deborah and leepa --

            i did go ahead and update my firefox, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. i haven't experienced the forced-checkout problem (yet).

            i may have to try chrome.

            i quit updating IE quite a while ago, because their updates would not work for XP any more. i only keep IE on my computer because when i switched to firefox it wouldn't accept all of the bookmarks (known as "favorites in IE) that i had in IE. sometimes to get one now, i have to go back to IE and get it from there!

            i know that the security updates for XP will also end within the next two months, so i'm a little frantic about what to do about that. however, i've got too many other things in line in front of what version of which browser to use once support for XP stops. i expect that around the middle of march, i'll start getting more motivated!

            thanks for everybody's suggestions. i really do appreciate getting so much help for the first Q i've ever asked on this forum.

            -- susie margaret

            1. re: susiemargaret

              Just fwiw, it IS possible to import all your bookmarks from IE, but not by using the automated function in Firefox.

              Instead, in Internet Explorer, "export" your favorites using the export function under IE's "File" menu. Then in Firefox, "import" them by clicking on "show all bookmarks" and using the import/export menu that shows up in the "library" dialog box.

              1. re: MikeG

                hi, mike --

                thanks! what a great solution to what has been a very annoying situation! i will try it tonight and see how i do.

                -- susie margaret

                1. re: susiemargaret

                  I have the most recent Firefox, too. I also have the frequent logging out problem with it.

                  I just tested and I don't have the problem in Explorer 9, with Vista. Hope reverting to Explorer solves it for you. Not sure I care enough to abandon Firefox, which has features I prefer.

                  Good luck!