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Feb 9, 2014 12:29 AM

Eatery Chain ‘Hot Dog On A Stick’ Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

I believe we have some admirers here:

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  1. I figured these guys went out of business a long time ago...

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    1. re: BacoMan

      They're still down by the SaMo pier......

    2. They will be closing some stores but they are not going away.

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      1. re: wienermobile

        Which ones they keeping Wiener ?????

        I'm presuming the original, natch.

        But what others ???????

        1. re: kevin

          The company is pursuing new leases in other locations and that it would try to renegotiate leases with landlords. Smith also said that the Chapter 11 filing would allow the company to reorganize and find more efficient ways to run its business.
          The company will operate as usual during the bankruptcy proceedings, he said.

            1. re: wienermobile

              >> Chapter 11 filing would allow the company to reorganize and find more efficient ways to run its business.

              Considering their whole layout is basically:
              1) stuff on sticks in the fridge
              2) a vat of batter
              3) a deep fryer, and
              4) a cooler of lemonade

              ... I'm not sure how you run things much more efficiently. Their whole strategic mistake, IMHO, was putting all their locations in the food courts of upscale, overchilled malls, when it's really more of a sunny-day, outdoorsy snack food that doesn't need much physical infrastructure.

                1. re: Bradbury

                  Maybe they can go topless ????

                  But then they'd have to relocate all their outposts out of shopping centers.

          1. Villetta is also in Chapter 11. I doubt they'll be successful reorganizing as they are only one restaurant and have a lot of debt. That former Chez Mimi spot is gorgeous but that restaurant has been in trouble for a long time .

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            1. re: maudies5

              I doubt Hot Dog on a Stick will go into that space though my first girlfriend and our meet cute did occur at the stand.

            2. The problem (well, one of their problems) is that their hot dogs aren't any good. Those gelatinous turkey dogs just don't do it for me. Maybe if they start offering some sort of brats or Hebrew Nationals under that corn batter it might be more interesting.

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              1. re: Pamplemoose

                Well, when I was in a mall during the holidays, I happened to notice that a beef hotdog - might have been Hebrew National, might have been a Vienna natural casing, I can no longer remember - was now an option instead of a turkey dog.