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Spring Mill Cafe in Conshohocken

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Whatta meal!
There were four of us and we all flipped once again for this out-of-the-way BYOB that seems to be missed way too often.
One had a braised rabbit in mustard creme entree that was delectable.
Another had a cider glazed hen pronounced delicious.
DH had the grilled swordfish and licked his plate clean.
I had ordered the scallops but at the last minute I asked the waiter if it would be too late for me to change to the special of the evening, their filet steak (something I eat maybe once every 5 years!)
He said they could do it but it would take a while longer. One at our table suggested that they bring out the scallops dish anyway and we'd all sample it till my steak done rare could be delivered. What fun this decadent repast was.
To top it all off just give me a dish of Bassett's Praline ice cream and I will be a very happy camper.
We went early so that there was no loud noise by the time we left.
Parking is right in the driveway. Service was efficient and friendly.
Highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the report...we always forget about SMC

    1. Thanks for the update on this area legacy. As noted by Cittafarina, for some reason SM never seems to come to mind. Love the place and have had quite nice food there also. Parking and the noise are too factors I have always had to overlook when visiting. Your answer of "going early" seems as it may be the answer. Thanks for the reminder.