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Feb 8, 2014 07:57 PM

No Reservation dining in Durham/Chapel Hill

Having moved back to the triangle area from a stint in the Southwest, I realize how much of the manana culture has permeated into me. I sat down tonight to make some reservations for Valentine's Day (I know, please stop laughing) and discovered, of course, that everywhere I can conjure from memory is totally booked.

So, does anyone have recs on solid food options in the Chapel Hill/Durham area not requiring reservations? I've not been before, but I am considering Local 22 in Durham. Would welcome other suggestions!

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  1. Are you on Twitter? if so, it might be worth your while to follow andrea weigl (@andreaweigl). She's a local food writer and i know she's been collecting info on places that still have spots for Valentine's day.

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      1. re: LulusMom

        Thanks, LulusMom! I've eschewed Twitter, but I'll check out Ms. Weigl's tweets.

      2. Go to, search 2/14 by city. There are a couple of places left you might enjoy at 5 and 9. If it was me, I'd be looking at my favorite Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, bbq, Mexican, etc. places.

        My wife expects a Valentine's dinner; the compromise we have reached is going out a week earlier (e.g. Oakleaf in Pittsboro last night).

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        1. re: D R C

          Now that is a dynamite tip. Thanks! I had only used opentable through restaurant's webportals.

          And, thanks for the tip on Oakleaf. That place looks great! It hadn't been around when we lived here last. A week earlier makes a lot of sense to me. My wife and I have two young kids, so more often then not don't end up celebrating on Valentine's Day proper anyway. But, it falls on a Friday this year making it a little easier.

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            I find Valentine's day to be sort of like Mother's Day - people who don't usually go out to eat suddenly do so, and restaurants and servers get slammed. My guess is that you'll have a better meal if you do your celebrating on a different day (and you'll find it easier to get a sitter).