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Feb 8, 2014 07:46 PM

Oven roast dried oyster?

My dad was asking about is it possible to oven bake dried oyster. He was saying he tried it at china and it is tasty. Anyone ever tried it or have any idea how to proceed. My guess I need to completely rehydrate the oyster first but not sure what to sdo next lol.

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  1. Baked dried oyster?

    No, I have not tried

    Was it really baked as in oven baked or was it "red cooked" or "braised"? If it was oven baked, was it baked with some other things like cheese?

    1. The original Lettuce Taco I can recall was made with Dried Oysters, Fresh Waterchestnuts and Black Moss.....I had them as a small child back in the early's a traditional dish for Chinese New Year to signify longevity.

      Yes, you would have to rehydrate them....and they are very expensive...On hydrated, you can cook them anyway you want.

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        <it's a traditional dish for Chinese New Year to signify longevity>

        I believe they just means "good fortune" due to the pronunciation.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          The longevity wish is from the long strands of Black Moss, like noodles....from what I've been told.....Can't read or write Chinese.

          1. re: fourunder

            The black long seaweed is for wealth. I am sure both of them may have some tangible thing to longevity, but not the main reason.

            Dried oyster is called 蠔豉, which sounds like 好事 (good deed or good fortunate).

            The hair like moss is called 髮菜, and the two word 髮菜 (hair vegetable) sounds like 發財 (fortune or gaining wealth).


            The last two syllables of this name in Cantonese sound the same as another Cantonese saying meaning "struck it rich"

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              you must have missed that part where I said I can't read or write Chinese....


              1. re: fourunder

                I know, but it is for your security. :)

                When I wrote out the Chinese, you know I cannot make stuffs up. Other people who can read Chinese will call me out if I wrote nonsense.

                If someone does not write it in Chinese, then you may not know if that person is making stuffs up.

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                  You want your Chowhound posts peer-reviewed? ;-)

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                    :) Will you be my Peer for this Valentine's Day?

      2. Any chance it was on rice with other stuff in a clay pot? I've had that before and rather than doing the clay pot on the stove top they cooked it in the oven.