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Feb 8, 2014 06:42 PM

No boil lasagne pasta

What have you tried? Do you have a preference?
Barilla, Delverde or another brand? How about the fresh lasagne sheets they sell in the market?
I've had success with Barilla, but I'd like to try the wider sheets such as Delverde.

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  1. I use regular lasagne noodles which I briefly soak in hot water instead of boiling . They have much better texture IMO.

    1. Here's a link to threads containing the many previous discussions of NB noodles. I love the tender, thin Barilla ones but because of the homophobic comments of the company spokesman/head, I will no longer buy any Barilla.

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        I missed this episode will have to google

        1. The Barilla stuff works - its one of the few "convenience" products that I find better than the standard - it is thinner and more delicate than regular boiled noodles (not as good as fresh) and yields a better structured and balanced casserole.

          I was actually shocked that my Italian-American mom who usually buys lasagna noodles on Arthur Ave would recommend such a product but they are indeed good - and easy.

          1. I like the delverde noodles that come packaged with foil pans. They fit perfectly, I'm not stuck with shards of pasta flying around my kitchen as I try to make the noodles fit in my pan of choice! It helps that they are tasty too, and I don't care for those ruffled edges on so many lasagne noodles.
            I also will no longer purchase Barilla.

            1. Seriously. Just assemble your lasagna with dry lasagna noodles. Cover with foil. Bake one hour. Perfection, and no hassle, no burnt fingers.

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                I have done the same, just making sure there is plenty of sauce