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Feb 8, 2014 02:19 PM

What should I serve with sweet potato gnocchi in sage butter?

I want to try making a sweet potato gnocchi with sage butter tomorrow for my moms bday. What would go with it as a protein? I thought a deconstructed turkey dinner would be fun. But am thinking about maybe a stuffed chicken breast...? not sure with what or...? and some other vegetable?

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  1. I would serve it as an appetizer alone as Italians would. I would then follow it up with a meat course, turkey porchetta with Swiss chard/raisins/pine nuts and stuffed tomatoes.

    1. With something simple and pork-ish - a chop, slices of a roast loin, some unctuous slow-roasted pork shoulder.

      1. Something like this salad would be great:

        Or sauteed dark greens with lemon to offset the sweetness of the gnocchi

        1. Center cut pork chop browned in bacon fat and finished in the oven. Top with caramelized onion and crumbled bacon. A side of sautéed spinach with olive oil and lemon, salt & pepper.

          1. wow those all sound good!

            sounds like pork is a fav, that porchetta looks awesome. The recipe looks great too. The cross hatch would really get the herbs and flavours in here. (but It always bugs me when the pic dosnt look like how the recipe is done.still looks awesome) I actually had a great pork porchetta a few weeks ago.. so I will take a bit out of everyones suggestions and do a pork but use the recipe from the first post. and some lemony greens.