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Feb 8, 2014 02:02 PM

South Bay: where to buy fresh red jalapeños or Thai bird chiles?

I'm looking for fresh, hot, red peppers near Mountain View. Everything fresh at Mi Pueblo is green, everything red is dried. Whole Foods doesn't have any either. Any suggestions?

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    1. Most Asian Markets or Supermarkets will have fresh Bird Chilis, Fresnos/Red Jalapeño may be harder to find.

      1. If you're in MV, have you tried Ava's at 340 Castro, the independent downtown market that started in 2011? That is the first place I would look. Selection varies constantly with market and season, but I've gotten pepper types there, often imported, that I never heard of previously.

        Anything _locally_ seasonable is also available at the Sunday farmer's market at the downtown train station, which is open as I write this and for about three more hours.

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          No local fresh chiles this time of year.

          Ripe chiles are available in parts of Mexico year-round, so someone could bring them in, but I've never seen any around here in winter.

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            When I stopped at Ava's Sunday, they had lots of regular orange Habaneros but no hot red peppers.

            If you are interested in produce at that place (now, or future readers of this thread), call and ask co-owner Juan Origel, who does much of the produce selection and can advise you offhand. Avas gets interesting produce, recently there were blood oranges, cara-cara oranges, mango oranges, and a delightful species of seedless tangerine with loose skin, among other orange-oids.

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              And I don't know if the OP is still looking, but FYI bright red ripe Fresnos have now appeared at Ava's in downtown MV, the place I mentioned earlier. I was shopping for sweet peppers today, and saw the new Fresnos.

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                OP (me) was still looking until finally getting over to Ava's this weekend. Thanks for the heads up, though, and thanks to everyone for their great suggestions. I'm going to be trying out those other options as well.

          2. FYI...they freeze well. I'll normally buy a branch @ the FM, strip them, and freeze. I've seen them at 99 Ranch but they're few red ones mixed in with green. Look for small baggie.

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              If frozen is OK, you can find red Peruvian peppers.

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                      In the Mountain View area I don't know. Mi Tierra in Berkeley, several Latin grocers in SF.

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                    Thai chiles @ 99 Ranch. You might check @ Felipe's in Sunnyvale, Foothill Produce in Los Altos, or even The Milk Pail in Mtn. View. Even if you don't find the chiles this time of year I guarantee that you won't leave empty-handed. They all have beautiful produce.

              1. Saw fresh California grown Red Fresnos/Jalapeño at Koreana Plaza (Oakland)today.
                May be check some of the Korean Markets down there?