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Feb 8, 2014 01:43 PM

Wineries near Geneva, NY

A few years ago we explored some wineries to the south and east of Geneva. We are thinking of taking a trip back to the Fingfer Lakes but staying near Geneva. Which are the best vineyards in that area?

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  1. We have went to Finger Lakes for wine trips for the past 2 Thanksgiving weekends. Some of my recommendations would be Hermann J Wiemer (highly recommend), Red Tail Ridge, Ravines and Anthony Road, all very near Geneva. Down toward Watkins Glen, if you like reds, we like Shalestone (reds only), but make sure they are open when you want to go. We are thinking of changing our trip to Finger Lakes to a different time of year as many wines have been sold out by November. I would recommend doing some flight testing-It is fun to taste regular and reserve versions of same type of wine. Also make sure you taste some gewurtztraminer and lemberger in addition to the star of the finger lakes, the riesling.

    1. If you do the loop on Rt 14 South, from Geneva ,you can hit most of the wineries on the west shore of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail on the way to Watkins Glen. Rock Stream is fun.

      From Watkins Glen you can take 14A north to Rt.230 SW, just past Dundee, over to RT 54 north, along the east side of Keuka Lake, and hit the wineries on the KL Wine Trail, on the way back to Penn Yan and Geneva.

      Our favorite Riesling is
      Beartown Block 28 Riesling 2011 from Fulkerson Winery in Dundee on Rt 14.It is on the expensive side but we love it as a treat.

      On the west side of Keuka Lake above Hammondsport is Dr.Franks Winery....

      Google Keuka Lake Wine Trail and Seneca Lake Wine Trail. So many choices!

      1. Get off the main road and explore some of the country roads between the 2 lakes, you can't get too lost and it is some of the most scenic country side, with all of the Mennonite farms and horse and buggies! We love it here!

        1. Near Geneva, we like Zugibe on east side of Seneca, and on the west side Billsboro, Red Tail Ridge, Fox Run, Anthony Road, Prejean, Shaw, Hermann Wiemer.

          It all depends on your tastes, though; we are dry wine drinkers.