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Feb 8, 2014 01:02 PM

Anything new and worth checking out in Cozumel?

We've been there several times but the most recent trip was in 2011 so it's been awhile. We love good food and are wondering if there is anything new that is a must-try for us.

Our usual restaurant lineup includes La Casa Mission, La Choza, Especias, Prima, and the Lobster House. My parents always insist on going to Guido's as well but I usually opt out of that one because I feel like I can have Italian food anytime here at home.

What am I missing?

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  1. Have you been around to the windward side for lunch? Coconuts, Playa Bonita, Paradise Café (AKA Bobs Marley Bar)? I like your San Miguel selections, plus Pez Vela on the square does good grilled conch, queso fundito, and killer 'ritas.

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      We always hit Coconuts one day. We rent Jeeps and do the obligatory trip around the island. Works out well because then we can drive up to the Lobster House with the Jeeps that night too.

      I've never heard of Paradise Cafe or Playa Bonita. Are they along the same lines as Coconuts? If so, we will definitely check them out. I'm also interested in Pez Vela. Thank you!

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        Playa Bonita is fairly new, a few KM south of Coconuts, near the beach where they kite surf. Paradise Café is further south, near the cutoff to the lighthouse, and it's the last spot on the windward water on the ring road. Both do conch ceviche or mixed ceviche well.
        I have been a regular at Pez Vela since 1988. Comfy chairs facing the square, lots of diver chitchat. Also Casa Mission (the one with the lawns, not the cruise ship location) and La Choza are good reliable old timers.
        Best breakfast is huevos motulenos at Las Palmeras on the square, with fresh fruit. Cocay gets good reviews, I have not eaten there as I stick with Mexican.

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          Is the old Bob Marley/Rasta Bar now Paradise Cafe?
          I think Albertos from the West side has a new place up around Punta Chiqueros, haven't been but the food at Albertos was generally pretty good for beach food. Also Chen Rio in the past has done a great job with seafood. Their whole snapper is amazingly good. ITs just before Coconuts if coming from the south.

          In San Miguel, OP, it's worth heading to Kintas for one night. I'm hearing that a newer place on Melgar between Calle 2 and 4 is getting good vibes, (Ile? ) but haven't really seen anything on it nor been there.

          1. re: crewsweeper

            The Bobs Marley (sic) Bar as we knew and loved it, plus the outhouse, was completely destroyed by hurricane Wilma. The rebuilt version still has a Marley theme but it's called the Paradise Café. My Bobs Marley Bar T shirt that I bought from a barrel-chested waiter is one of my irreplaceable favorites, they don't sell them.

            1. re: Veggo

              I checked some old pictures at home last night. And you're correct. The name IS Paradise Cafe. After Wilma, someone called the rebuilt place Rasta's Bar and I guess that's what I've known it as since. Still good ceviche though and a good beach vibe to hang at. But I lean toward Playa Bonita's gorditas version, more because I like good gorditas in all their varieties.

              1. re: crewsweeper

                Sometimes I like to be near the waves crashing on the ironstone right in front of you at Bobs Marley, sometimes I like to watch the kitesurfers at Playa Bonita when the wind is up - some of them are very skillful.

    2. We LOVED Machete, a taco place at Avenue 5 Sur. We were there week before last -- they've been open only a couple of months. The tacos were, in my opinion, magical, the spot really charming, the guys warm and funny and fantastic. We ate there five our of seven nights. I got so excited about it that I registered here just so I could post.

      For dessert you might hit up Chocolateria Isla Bella around the corner -- artisanal ganache-filled chocolates with fillings like chile or coconut lime.

      1. Just wanted to report back that we hit up our usual spots: La Choza, Lobster House, La Casa Mission, and my parents visited Guido's.

        One night a member of our party had a migraine so we stayed in the condo and ordered pizza, fried zucchini/calamari, and Caprese salad from Rolandi's which is a pizza joint a block or 2 up the street. The pizza was good but the Caprese salad (slices of mozzarella and tomato) was as dry as a bone despite the fact that it was described as coming with pesto and olive oil. My mother's friend had had about half a bottle of Amaretto by that point and decided that the small containers of green stuff must be the pesto so she poured it all over it. I was the first person to try it and let me assure you that the green stuff is NOT pesto and IS DEFINITELY some kind of habanero pepper sauce. Everyone tried it and we were all screaming. We are still shocked we didn't wake up the person with the migraine.

        My husband and I decided to try Alberto's Bar and Restaurant next to the Mega on Thursday night. We didn't have high expectations for it but we wanted to try something new and close to where we were staying. We were very pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. He had the shrimp tacos, I ordered the red snapper filet, and we shared an order of guacamole. Everything was delicious. Tonight the whole group went there and we had mahi mahi filet (4), grouper filet, shrimp fajitas, shrimp tacos, and an order of shrimp ceviche. We loved all of it and this is a tough crowd to please. There was a bit of a communication barrier between the waiter and us but we all managed to get through it just fine. We will definitely be returning there the next time we are in Cozumel.