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Feb 8, 2014 10:19 AM

A recent Naples Pizza Slice

One of many on the Pignataro wineblog, this one is on 15 top margherita pizzas (i in Rome)

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  1. Finally found the time to read all the way through the comments. The one that most amused me (and rang true) was Pignataro responding that Number 16 on his list would be 50 other pizzerie in Napoli that are arguably just as good -- all of them -- basically conceding that any ranking isn't going to be definitive and personal bias comes into play quite a bit. (He had a price bias, apparently). But he is right to say there are also objective standards that can be fairly and accurately applied.

    Seeing Starita on his list made me wonder how many NYers visiting Naples don't go there because they think they are already getting the same thing in NY.

    Unforunately, it was a Pignataro blog recommendation that landed me in a restaurant in Palermo that was maybe my least and certainly my most expensive meal. But that wasn't about pizza in Napoli (which presumably Pignataro knows more about? Also, I think it was somebody else who actually did the restaurant review who guest posts on his blog).

    Did you notice the dates of the comments? The article is not brand new, although it is newer than other lists people are using for guides.

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      thre are a number of Naples pizza related posts on the Pignatataro blog that come up to the surface when there are new comments - they also have a pizza guide or app.

      Obviously he does not personally write all the content on the site.

      As far as restaurant recommendations outside Campania they seem to be mostly but not always higher end. I would pay attention to their stuff outside the home region but obvously it doesnt have the same cred as inside.

      1. re: jen kalb

        He's got a lot of reviews by other writers--many going back a few years. There's also a section featuring places "under 20 euros". ttp://

    2. Thanks for posting--I'll be in Naples next week and plan on eating a much margherita pizza as humanly possible!