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Feb 8, 2014 10:06 AM

Berlin dinner line-up: eager for thoughts

I've got the following dinners lined up for our five-day stay in Berlin. Most of the suggestions come from this Board (thanks to all and esp to linguafood!).

We're staying @ Potsdamer area.

Still time to change things out, so would be grateful for feedback. Some questions:

Too much sameness (we love locavore, great new and old renditions of trad foods)?

Someplace or some type of quintessentially Berlin fare that I'm missing that's a don't-miss?

A better version of something I've got on the list?

(Plan to hit some of the food markets during the day.)

Wed pm (after trans-continental travel): maybe Weinbar Rutz

Thurs pm Renger Patzsch

Fri pm Katz Orange

Sat pm Jolesch

Sun pm Gel Gor (after performance at Komische Oper Berlin)

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, sundeck sue :-)

    Weinbar Rutz is great (the upstairs has 2 Michelin stars I think), especially their low-key downstairs: great modern take on local cuisine, and affordable -- if that's an issue at all.

    Do check out the cocktail bar Reingold nearby for pre or post dinner drinks. Those bartenders know what they're doing: just walk through the courtyard behind Rutz and you'll happen upon it once you've passed Sarah Wiener's restaurant.

    If you're like me and have little appetite after traveling, there are also tons of lower-key places all along Torstr. -- Tartane (great burger place with daily changing menus), Toca Rouge (Asian-fusion done well, also quite "hip"), Yarok (excellent Syrian), 3 Minutes (French bistro cuisine), Them Roc (set 3-course menu every night for very little cash), Spaghetti Western (despite its cheesy name they crank out good pasta dishes)... that street's really turned into a culinary mile.

    Katz Orange is great. Get the pork and the goose fat fries.

    If you can get to Winterfeldtmarkt on Saturday, by all means do it. It is the best market in town. Go to the grilled fish stand and order up a whole mackerel or trout or walleye, and make sure to stop at the Thai stand for a couple of their "tim sum" -- incredible dumplings or their wonton soup as an appetizer.

    It looks like you're focusing on German/Austrian cuisine, which makes total sense to me (I tend to OD on that stuff when I'm back in Berlin, as that's not available to me where I live).

    That said, there is excellent Greek, Turkish & Italian food to be had as well.

    You absolutely *have* to have a döner and/or a currywurst. For the latter, I recommend Bier's Curry & Spieße beneath Friedrichstraße S-Bahn station.

    I've never heard of Gel Gor so can't comment.

    Juten Hunger!