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Feb 8, 2014 09:14 AM

Best Restaurant With A View

I am trying to make a decision on which top floor restaurant on the Strip to choose that has great food, service and a great view. I have been looking at Alize, NOVE and Top of the World. So which one has the best mixture of great food, service and view? Am I missing any others? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Well, I'd consider Scarpetta at the Cosmo which has a terrific view of the bellagio fountains. I'd also consider skipping the view restaurant and just having view drinks at the bar at the mandarin oriental. One other view restaurant /bar to consider would be Mix.

    1. Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris

      1. Scarpetta is a great option for Italian. Twist at Mandarin Hotel is outstanding and would be my first choice. We like going to the Mandarin Bar and then walk over to Twist for dinner. You can reserve seats at Mandarin Bar and Twist via

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          We already set up Scarpetta. That was our first reservation made. We went there in November and loved it. Trying to fill another night. We changed up our thinking on places. So far we have Scarpetta, Le Cirque and e'. Just need the 4th and final night. We are staying at the Mandarin. I have heard mixed reviews about Twist. It would be very convenient that's for sure. We are pretty much open to lots of places, but liked the idea of having a nice overview of Vegas while eating.

        2. Twist isn't "top floor" but does have a stellar view.

          If you NEED the top floor, my money would be on Mix.

          1. Agree with uhockey re: Mix. Last time I was there, food was good and view was even better. Visited Nove last year and wasn't overly impressed. Did have a great experience at Alize a few years ago. Haven't been since so not sure if things have changed. Here's a link to my experience: