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Feb 8, 2014 09:03 AM

Our upcoming Jazz Fest Trip

Coming for our annual Jazz Fest trip, both weekends and three days of volunteer work. We have been to most of the places that are mentioned here (people ask me for advice), but each year we like to try something new. Last year it was Root, we liked it. What should we try this year? Peche, one of the new places in the FQ like Sylvain or Kingfish? Haven't been to Patois or Dominques. Haven't been to Lillette or Gautreaus in a few years. Will have a car so we can get to volunteer work site, so location is not an issue. Also, we are from NYC so we have a lot of good Italian places here.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I ate at Kingfish on our last visit and enjoyed it very much and the cocktails were excellent as well

    1. A neighbor went to Peche two weeks ago and she said it was very good. I'm not fond of the space and consider it to be what the French used to call "a program" but I come from an age not-yet-classified by Paleontologists. There is no doubt that they are getting good product coming thru the kitchen door. My food there has always been fine..I just don't like the place but that is just me.

      1. i am not impressed with Peche, less so with Sylvain.
        GW Fins is a better option than Peche for seafood. Split an assortment of apps and the Scalibut. Lilette is also a good place to order an array of apps.

        Can't thank you enough for continuing to volunteer.

        1. You are welcome. The work we have done is very rewarding and we have enjoyed meeting the homeowners whose houses we worked on. New Orleans is one of out favorite places and we are happy to help it get better!
          Thanks for the suggestions. Haven't been to GW Fins and we remember fondly the apps at Lilette. Maybe time for a return visit.

          1. My favorite "new" restaurant is Mariza in the ByWater
            Do not miss the Burratta crostini. It is fabulous.