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Feb 8, 2014 08:57 AM

Long shot question: Where can I buy a Hario coffee grinder in Dallas?

Coming into Dallas today and would like to bring my own coffee brewing rig. Problem is, I don't want to tote my electric grinder along with me. Anyone here know of a shop where I can pick up one of the Hario hand grinders?

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  1. Ascension usually has them, but I just called and they're out of stock. The guy there suggested trying Davis Street Espresso (I've never heard of it...).

    You could also try Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table, both of whom carry it on their website.

    If you're needing coffee as well, I'd suggest Ascension who is currently carrying Pilot (from Canada) and Ritual, or Weekend Coffee (downtown) who has Victrola, or Mudsmith (although I have no idea who they carry). If you'd prefer to try a local roaster, look for Cultivar - either at their shop on the east side of White Rock Lake, or at Scardello Cheese shop (worth a visit regardless).

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      Sorry about the late reply. Yeah, Davis Street (down in Oak Cliff, I think?) was the only lead I had, but they were going to be closed before I could get down there.

      I popped into Ascension for a couple of drinks (with no expectation of finding a grinder), and both were excellent. This might be my go-to spot for a while, as it's closer to the west side of town, which is where I end up when I'm in the area.

      Thanks for doing the legwork!

      1. re: hohokam

        If you Google Hario coffee grinder, you'll come up with many companies offering them including Amazon who I believe had the lowest price.

        1. re: twinwillow

          At the time, the need was such that only a brick-and-mortar retailer on the west side of Dallas County would have worked.