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My family and I will be in Spain and Portugal for a little over a week in early April. My kids are both over 21 and adventurous eaters. We will be in Madrid for 3 days, Porto for 2 days, Obidos for 2 days and Lisbon for only one night. The only plans I currently have are dinner at Casa Lucio in Madrid and dinner at Cervejaria Ramiro in Lisbon. Please make suggestions as to restaurants that I shouldn't miss. Although I would love to hit some 3 star joints, this is not an expense account trip and I would prefer solid moderately priced places. Thanking you in advance, Tom.

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  1. Miscellaneous eats for 3 days in Madrid:

    Taberna Gaztelupe on Calle del Comandante Zorita 32. Classic Basque cuisine.

    Tapas at StreetXO and Imanol. Gourmet Experience, El Corte Inglés, 9th floor, Plaza de Callao.

    Cordero asado (roast lamb) at La Posada de la Villa on Cava Baja 9.

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      What do you think of Casa Lucio?

      1. re: johnsont

        It's a good restaurant but I like better something "with more personality".

    2. In Porto (Restaurants in ALPHABETICAL order):

      DOP -- http://ruipaula.com/web/?lang=en
      O Paparico -- http://www.opaparico.com/index.php/en/
      Restaurante Pedro Lemos -- http://www.pedrolemos.net