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Feb 8, 2014 07:40 AM

Looking for Myrtle Beach dining with ocean view

My family is going to be in Myrtle Beach on Feb 15 for a week. It'll be our first time there. Any recommendations for a place to eat with an ocean view? As long as the food is decent, the view will make up for it. Anything within a hour's drive would be okay. What I really want to do is to have one breakfast where I can watch the sunrise (although for breakfast, I don't want to drive too far - my family will kill me if I make them wake up that early).

I know this is the slow season in Myrtle Beach. But it's winter break here in New York. Does it get busy with people coming in for winter break?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would go to Murrells Inlet.It might be 30 minutes to the south depending on where you are staying.Wear warm clothes and enjoy the marshwalk, have a drink and look at the menus of all the spots right there.Its not the "ocean" but an inlet which is really more interesting anyway.

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      Agreed. We were there last month with our three kids and had dinner at Dave's Dockside. It was very good. Great view (ask to sit upstairs). And they have a winter BOGO special on their entrees.

    2. Breakfast on the ocean ...sea capt house is good enough for the sunrise/view

      Dinner I would prefer the inlet view on the Marshwalk...capt Dave's dockside would be my first choice.
      Wahoos also a gorgeous view
      If it must be ocean...the island vista has an excellent chef and it is on the ocean.

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          You are right..that is an excellent choice!

        2. I second the Sea Capt.'s house, which is right on the ocean. This venue is not only good for breakfast but lunch and dinner. The new bar is a major asset... I consider the Sea Capt.'s house in the top five restaurants in the grand strand .. The only problem, sometimes the parking but this time of year you should GOOD

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            Thanks for all the input. I'll definitely try Sea Capt's House. Their breakfast buffet and the ocean view sounds like a delightful combination.

            I'll probably also hit Murrells Inlet sometime during the week. May be a good place to have dinner and watch the sunset.

          2. Made it down to Myrtle Beach!!! Had to leave New York City at 4 AM to beat the incoming snow. After the long drive, we went to Mrs Fish for dinner last night. Place is not much to look at, inside or out, but that was a great meal. The highlight was the fried oysters. They were plump and juicy. And the price was right. That was one big plate of oysters that greeted us.

            This morning, went to Sea Capt's House for breakfast. It was very good. The sunrise was everything I was looking forward it. Service was great.

            In the afternoon, went to Capt Dave's Dockside for dinner. They seated us on the 2nd floor and the view was great (although the sunset was not visible from our angle). Loved the hush puppies but the fried seafood combo was only so-so. The fried oysters in the combo was not as good as Mrs Fish's. My wife's crab cakes were nicely filled with big chunks of crab meat.

            Well, it's only Monday, got the rest of the week to explore other restaurants. I'm looking forward to getting some good shrimp and grits this week.

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              Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, including our vacation to Myrtle Beach. I'm writing this round-up from NYC.

              The other restaurants that we tried in MB were (in no particular order).

              Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine
              Had a wonderful meal here. It was my first Ethiopian meal and the place wasn't intimidating at all. The place was plain bordering on divey, but the food speaks for itself. Everything was spiced (but not spicy hot) just right. We tried both meat and vegetarian entrées. I was really impressed with the vegetarian items since they packed so much flavor into simple ingredients.

              Capriz Italian Feast
              This was a buffet where they bring different main courses to your table and you choose what you want. The meal was kind of disappointing. They kept bringing the same dishes out to the tables. At one point the waitress asked if there's anything else we wanted. We mentioned two dishes that we saw on the blackboard and she had someone bring those dishes out to us. Maybe it's off season and there were very few diners, so they didn't have all the dishes on rotation. It also means that they probably just reheated those 2 dishes for us. The main thing was that none of the dishes were memorable. One thing I did enjoy were the marinated mushrooms on the salad bar.

              Mr Fish
              A solid meal. The ceviche was good, although it was more Asian than Peruvian in style. It was served on top of a lot of rice. The disappointment was the black n bleu tuna sandwich. The bleu cheese on the sandwich overpowered the blackened tuna.

              Dickey's bbq
              Tried the ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork. Don't understand why it got such great reviews. It was just okay.

              Liberty Tap Room & Grill
              Buy one get one free on prime rib. Knowing it was half price really did make it taste better LOL. Also enjoyed the range of beers on tap.

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                You should have it Capriz on half price night too! Most places have a night or day like that in Feb! Capt Dave's do side is even half price sun-Thursday this month!

                1. re: LaLa

                  We did not go to Capriz on a half-price night. We saw the half-price notices posted on the walls when we dined but the food wasn't good enough to get us to return. Although the half-price deal will probably result in more diners and better entree selections.

                  We did enjoy the BOGO at Capt Dave's. That did save us some dough from our enormous restaurant bills for the week :)

                  I should give a shout out for Sobaya Japanese Bistro where we had a good lunch. Prices were reasonable and they had lunch specials.