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Feb 8, 2014 07:24 AM

Danny's Steakhouse Red Bank

I must preface this by stating in the past visits to Danny's the food was good and the service was spotty.

During our last visit we ordered a porterhouse for two cooked medium. When the steak came it had a cold center and was raw. We attempted to contact our wait staff person however she was very elusive and for whatever reason avoided further contact with our table ...We ate a small portion of the steak.
. Our bill finally came from another member of the staff.

For a restaurant that considers themselves as a steakhouse this is a major faux pas to grill a $70 steak improperly.

We did see Danny speaking to other patrons however he never got to our table. Needless to say the tip reflected our dissatisfaction. I will note that the salads and side dishes were excellent.

To make a long story short we traveled 45 minutes to Danny's and found it to be a disappointment. I do not like to be confrontational or send back a meal but if there was a case for us to voice our displeasure this was one of them.

As a caveat to Danny if your service/ food problems are not corrected the next stop may be'' restaurant impossible''.

PS: the valet was a highlight of the evening our car was waiting right in front of the restaurant

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  1. I doubt Restaurant Impossible will help considering they already were featured on Restaurant Steakout.

    Since you did not feel comfortable confronting the staff on the spot regarding the troubles, perhaps you can post something to the management on their FaceBook page?

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    1. re: PuniceaRana

      As per your suggestion I did email Danny at Danny's steakhouse restaurant site. I Did bring forth our displeasure with the food and wait staff however to date Danny nor a member of the staff has not replied. Perhaps Danny spends too much time ice boating and not addressing issues at his restaurant.

      1. re: big1515

        Just out of curiosity when did you email them? While I completely understand your wanting some satisfaction to your problem, what's the most that will come out of this? An invitation to come back for another lousy meal at a discounted price?

        At least Danny knew when his acting career was over, looks like the dimming lights and closing curtains at Danny's hasn't hit him yet. Someone off stage right get that big hook and pull him off the restaurant stage already!!

        1. re: big1515

          Were you expecting an instant response? If so, your expectations are unrealistic. He may never respond, but you should at least give him 3 business days minimum.

        2. re: PuniceaRana

          Actually if you go to the facebook link you'll see a very similar story posted on their page with a response from Danny. I actually thought it was you who posted it , the details are so similar.

        3. You should have searched here before going, Danny's has been limping along for several years now.

          As Punicea already mentioned he was already featured on a reality food show which really depicted him in a bad light. As a local everyone knows to avoid the place and his business is a shadow of what it once was.

          Only side note; I don't think it's fair to make the server suffer for the kitchens mistake. Unless the service was as bad as give steak I wouldn't have reduced their tip. Just my opinion.

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          1. re: jrvedivici

            We did attempt to speak to the server however she disappeared back in the kitchen area. Being hungry we did eat a portion of the steak that was more well done. If I could've contacted the server I most certainly would have addressed this issue with her.

            1. re: jrvedivici

              Well if that's the case then perhaps you were justified. As a rule I try not to punish a server for the kitchens mistake, but if you couldn't find a server or manager to point it out to do as you see fit. Ironically if I recall correctly the servers getting lost in the kitchen for prolonged times was one of the issues of that show they were on.

              He is just trying to survive till that construction is completed around him, only time will tell if his pockets are deep enough. With Char now open, even to less than stellar reviews themselves, Danny's can't compete head to head as the best steakhouse in town. If he doesn't shape up even with all the condo's surrounding him people will just cross the street, or go around the corner for better dining alternatives.

            2. I'm sorry, but why wouldn't you send back an undercooked steak? Esp a $70 one.
              Seems like an absolute no brainer. It's the one thing that every restaurant steak eater has carblanche to do. It's not confrontational, not arbitrary. If you order a steak that's not cooked right it's a legit visual gripe. You can argue if something doesn't taste right, but anyone with a smartphone or marginal culinary knowledge can Id an under or over cooked steak

              Anyway, regarding Danny's. It's another place that is limping along. Very reminiscent of the old man who owns Murphy's. These places are their lives. At least Danny's food is decent and the place is clean. When the surrounding west side lofts project opens, he should see a big uptick in business

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              1. re: Lcdsoundsystem

                I must reiterate, the server disappeared into the kitchen and we did not see her for a long period of time. In the interim we were forced to eat a portion of the steak.

                It is our belief that when you go to a upscale restaurant the food is normally cooked properly and you don't have to chase the wait staff to address issues or to get assistance. I don't normally like to send food back. I feel that people that do this for the most part are obnoxious .They often times overreact to a an oculus situation.

                Going out to dinner and paying a bill in excess of $130 should not entail any anxiety or blood pressure elevation.

                1. re: Lcdsoundsystem

                  Mario at Murphy's is just a lost soul there. He was legendary in the 70's and 80's in the Central Jersey restaurant scene. His restaurant Medici's Fine Italian, in South Plainfield was a staple in the area for good Italian in that area for 20+ years. It was the first restaurant with a bread boy, who wore a heated metal bread bin and just walked around replenishing your bread plate with a fresh cut of garlic bread! (Very impressive when you're 5-7 years old)

                  He's been in Red Bank 20+ years and had great success with Murphy's but times change and Murphy's hasn't, and now it's just lost in time.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Lost in time is an understatement. Rumor mill is that he finally sold or is selling to the landlord. His excellent long term lease of the property is the only thing that keeps that place open.

                    It is truly a sad story how hard he has fallen. That was THE place to be in Monmouth many moons ago. Now it's the same exact place, minus customers. I've been told by numerous people that he has turned down a restaurant impossible appearance by Gordon Ramsey. If true, unbelievable...

                    It's the best piece of restaurant real estate in RB. If I had to guess, David Burke is going to raise his flag there. If not him, I could see Steven Starr expanding his empire northward, or the altamarea group venturing further south. Starr is getting close to this area with Rats and Altamarea with Due Mare

                    1. re: Lcdsoundsystem

                      Well if my memory is correct it seems Murphy's is selling their liquor license and it's going to be held as a pocket license. (Not going to be used or transferred to another location)
                      It's published in today's APP. I've got to assume he is just going to close up shop.

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        It's about time. That place has been a culinary wasteland for literally decades.

                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          Wow................Mark look at the power of your words! {{bowing in respect}} The very day you made this post your words resounded to Red Bank and rang loud in the ears of Mario the owner and he immediately shuttered the windows.

                          (I actually drove by after dropping my son of at school and the place looked like it was closed from the outside so I googled it...........good bye Murphy's. I did a search for it on this board and it seems it never garnered it's own thread so I'm just posting this here)


                2. Danny's is relative small have numerous wait staff and two hostesses - you do not have to wait for "yours". Expressing dissatisfaction on a website resolves nothing. Next time get up and see the hostess.

                  I frequent Danny's without issue. The short ribs are one of the best in Monmouth County.

                  1. I believe restaurant impossible is with Chef Robert Irvine .Why does Danny pick his spot on what table to visit ..Where is Char located ?

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                    1. re: big1515

                      Char is on Broad St., location of the old and infamous Ashes.

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        "Char" replacing "Ashes" -- competing degrees of burnedness? (I realize cigar vs. steak... just amused by the names.)

                        1. re: drongo

                          When Char was renovating the location the signs in the window read; "From the Ashes rose a Char" or something to that affect.