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May 2, 2006 04:19 PM

Mom moves to Show Low//Eats? farmers mkt?

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Greetings from coastal california!

My dedicated chow-hound Mom has moved to Show Low (at least for the summer, then to Alamgordo)

Can any AZ hounds give us the low down on the area around Show Low?

She's used to very fresh veggies and decent restaurants; she has very eccelctic tastes. Loves spicey food.

Anything she should know about?

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  1. The "country store" in Pinetop/Lakeside has the best bacon I have ever eaten. Smoked pork chops and potato rolls are to die for as well. It's a 15 minute drive from Showlow, on the right. The Country Store is the name of the place.

    Los Dos Molinos has it's original location in Springerville. It is the best New Mexican place I have eaten at ever. Very hot. Very, very hot. Springerville is a good 60 minutes plus from Showlow, but what the hell else are you going to do up there? It's a nice day trip, full of farts and stomach grumbles on the way back. Sorry to be crude. Totally worth the trip. I recommend the Carne Adovada Chimichanga. OMG!

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      Thanks, we were looking for something to do up here!

      We ate at Los Corrales last night. Called ahead and asked how they made their chile rellenos, and when told they were fresh chiles, we decided to ty it. Huge baskets of fresh crisp chips and a good hot sauce, good gauc and rellenos good, but the flavorless jack cheese filling didn't do them justice. Beans kind of runny, rice ok. Chile verde and chicken taco filling good, but the oily limp "soft taco" shell not worth eating.

      Huge margaritas went by our table, look like they are very popular. we may go back on Sunday for the Champagne brunch. Anybody: worth it?

      We raised our chips and salsa in memory of our MOM Sylvia, chowhound extraordinaire & charter member of the Galvanized Gullet Epicures; who passed from this world yesterday. At 89 years young, a chowhound from her youngest years who raised 3 chowpups, able to sniff a 'real' bakery at 1,000 yards and tending her veggie garden the to the last. Chow on, Mom.

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        Annies Tea Room is a wonderful lunch spot in Lakeside on Mtn. Blvd. Try the ham salad, meatloaf sandwich, homemade quiche, absolutely delightful!

    2. Went to Greer today--got close to Springerville but Brother Dear took us to Greer for lunch. What lovely country.

      We had lunch at the Rendezvous Diner and it was great! Neat old place, am sure it has a long and colorful history based on the old photos on the walls. The Duke had a ranch nearby and his pencil portrait hangs on the wall. H-m-m-m....was he a regular in the old days? What would he order? Bet it was steak 'n eggs.

      We started with the Bucket of Rings, a small (1/2 gal?) galvanized bucket loaded with freshly made onion rings. Very good indeed. Other buckets available include shrimp and fries.

      Salads were ample of crispy iceberg, carrot ribbons, tomato slivers, grated cheddar,etc. Nice homemade-tasting dressing choices. Brother asked for what he calls Continental dressing: 1/2 blue cheese and half vinaigrette. They obliged happily and produced a yin-yang serving in a small compote. Brother said it was very good. The two of us ordering burgers had 1) an ortega cheese burger, and 2) A mesquite cheese burger. Delicate flavoring on the juicy, crusty mesquite pattie. Brother procalimed the ortega cheeseburger "as it should be" patted down from a ball, cooked once on each side, NO SQUEEZING!" Excellent beef flavor, and juicy to boot.

      Gooey brownie and Rhubarb cobbler await divvying up tonight as we are too full for a meal, just dessert.

      Worth a drive from anywhwere in the White Mtns, this is a gem of a spot to stop!

      Open for B'fast, lunch and dinner. Closed Tues, open Mon 7-4, Wed 7-4, T/TH, FRI, SAT from 7 am to 8 pm. Homemeade pies, cobblers and something very exotic sounding comprised of a brownie, ice cream, whipped cream, choc syrup, nuts, etc. WOW!

      Check it out! I'm dying to go back for breakfast!

      Nice service on the patio or in the cafe. Our genial host today was Mr Cliff Morang. (possible owner?)

      Two thumbs up for Greer, Arizona's

      Rendezvous Diner,
      Main Street
      Greer, AZ