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Feb 8, 2014 06:30 AM

Local source for Benton Bacon or pork belly?

Does anyone know if there is a local source for Benton bacon? I live in Bethesda but will travel. Or a good butcher for pork/meat purveyor for pork belly for home-made bacon? Thanks!

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  1. For Belly, hit up EcoFriendly Foods - Dupont Farmers Market on Sunday, Courthouse on Saturday...

    1. Benton will ship it directly to you, why travel?

      1. For some reason I thought I saw Benton Bacon in Union Market, but can't remember for sure or which purveyor.

        1. Union Market sells Benton bacon. And they have amazing butchers there!

          1. I saw pork belly at Stachowski's Market in Georgetown, but it was a while ago and they don't have it listed, but you could call. I also have seen it at Asian markets in Rockville(next to Bob's Noodles) and Silver Spring(Lotte), but it was not whole, I bet they all have it. I also saw it at Whole Foods as a whole piece - I do not know if they carry it regularly (in Silver Spring, I think).


            Have you tried Balducci's?