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Local source for Benton Bacon or pork belly?

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Does anyone know if there is a local source for Benton bacon? I live in Bethesda but will travel. Or a good butcher for pork/meat purveyor for pork belly for home-made bacon? Thanks!

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  1. For Belly, hit up EcoFriendly Foods - Dupont Farmers Market on Sunday, Courthouse on Saturday...

    1. Benton will ship it directly to you, why travel?

      1. For some reason I thought I saw Benton Bacon in Union Market, but can't remember for sure or which purveyor.

        1. Union Market sells Benton bacon. And they have amazing butchers there!

          1. I saw pork belly at Stachowski's Market in Georgetown, but it was a while ago and they don't have it listed, but you could call. I also have seen it at Asian markets in Rockville(next to Bob's Noodles) and Silver Spring(Lotte), but it was not whole, I bet they all have it. I also saw it at Whole Foods as a whole piece - I do not know if they carry it regularly (in Silver Spring, I think).


            Have you tried Balducci's?

            1. Thanks for the great thoughts! I knew that Benton shipped but it's currently a 5-6 week wait....I can hardly wait 10 hours with our smoker...but working on it :)

              1. Not sure about Benton bacon, but if you are looking for any part of the pig, go to or call Three Little Pigs Charcuterie and Salumi in DC. They are phenomenal. Everything we have tried from them is of spectacular quality and taste.

                I recommend you call first. Chances are if they don't have it in stock at the moment, they can acquire it for you. They can find you all things pig.

                They have a very close relationship with all of their source farms and it shows.

                Tip: When you go to visit them, go during the hours they serve lunch. It's always good.

                Here's their address: 5111 Georgia Ave NW Washington D.C 20011

                1. Google Burghers Bacon, they have plenty of great Jowl they ship next day