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Feb 8, 2014 05:45 AM

Piermont Pub

We went to the Piermont Pub (formerly Piermont Pizza). They have a great beer selection. The bar is small, but it has a cozy appeal, and they have 1 TV. Would suggest getting another one or two. Started with fried pickles, they were in a good crisp batter, served with lettuce, the lettuce started to moisten the chips, so I just put them on a napkin to re-crisp. Lettuce and fried foods, just don't go together. Could have used more pickle chips, as they can't be too expensive to produce a bit more on the plate. My burger was one of the best I've had around Rockland. Cooked perfectly med. rare, super juicy and flavorful, We also ordered the fish and chips, cooked perfectly, could have had more fries, and I wish they used home made fries vs. frozen. The personal margarita pizza was ok, the sauce was lacking a bit. Overall we are looking forward to going back and glad to have a place like this that is reasonable, good beer, and nice folks running it.

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  1. Michelle, any more details on the beer list? Local beers? Other microwbrews?Imports?

    1. They had local, the only one I remember by name was Defiant. I had one of my favorites, Dog Fish Head, and there were about 15 or so on a board. For a small place I thought there were a lot of options.

      1. Is this the place next to the closed down Irish Pub? They used to have terrific pizza...

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          Yes, I didn't try the regular sized pizza yet, the personal wasn't too special. Hoping the 16" will be good. Although it was a bit pricey. We tried to go last night again. The restaurant wasn't really busy, but we couldn't find a parking space. We went to Baileys instead.

        2. Too bad, really good slice pizza is so rare around here... sounds like new owners, new pizza, and probably no slices. Oh well.

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          1. re: lemarais

            They may do slices, I just wasn't looking for them. The one thing the other place had that I didn't see here was a broccoli rabe sandwich. The previous place had a really good one.

            1. re: michele cindy

              If you're looking for a broccoli raab sandwich, check out the panini at Posa Posa in Nanuet. Generous amount of garlicky broccoli raab, fresh mozz, and roasted red pepper. Very good.

              1. re: JRBlack

                I've had that there and totally forgot about it until you mentioned it. I was even there on Sunday night! Thanks for the reminder, It was really good.

          2. We've been back a few times now. They have a good special, a pint with a pizza (bar size) or burger. I think it's 12-14 for the 2 of them. Not a bad deal. Fish tacos were good and under 10. Same fries though... wish they'd make their own!

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            1. re: michele cindy

              Have you had Sutters burger?
              We think those are the best...and not just in Rockland!

              1. re: smilingal

                Yes, but it was more than 4 years ago. I'm going to try the burger again next time I go. We were there again and had the flat bread pizza which was pretty good. It's a good place, the food is decent, the operators very friendly, and prices are low enough to bring the family. + they changed their fries, and have wedges which are better than the frozen steak fries they previously served.

                1. re: michele cindy

                  I don't particularly like the physical place but love the burgers and even will call in the order and go pick it up.