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Feb 8, 2014 03:22 AM

Cutting a chocolate topped slice evenly…Possible?

Hi all, I'll be making a coconut and cherry slice which is sandwiched between a thin layer of chocolate. I've never been able to get clean slices before and instead basically just break the slice apart.
Any helpful tips on cutting through chocolate?


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  1. What kind of slice are we talking about? If cake, I've seen people use a warm knife.

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    1. re: coll

      coconut, glace cherries, sweetened condensed milk, copha (shortening)

      It's the fact that there is two layers to cut, it tends to squish when I'm cutting it. Perhaps a just a hot knife and take my time cutting it.

      1. re: snax

        A hot knife that you clean between each slice...

        1. re: snax

          Refrigerate or even freeze it prior to slicing helps it set.

          1. re: Cherylptw

            I'm having trouble with that unless it's a very high quality chocolate. Nestles or the like, forget it; something going on with them where they shatter like glass. I finally got wise and cut it while it's still melt-y, and THEN refrigerate.

            1. re: coll

              Were you able to cut it cleanly with this method?

              1. re: Cherylptw

                Yes finally! My rainbow cookies at Christmas were such a mess, I've been making them for over 30 years but it's just recently. Then I ran into a culinary student at the library who was talking about his rainbow cookies during the holidays,so I asked what kind of chocolate do you use that it doesn't crack? And he said why don't you just cut it before it hardens. Out of the mouth of babes! I am trying to use something like Ghirardelli when possible too though.

      2. Is the chocolate hard? If not, you could hold a piece of dental floss taut and use that to cut. It's worked well for me with cakes before. Good luck!

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        1. Sometimes an electric knife makes a clean cut.

          1. Can you make indentations in the chocolate while it's still warm?

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              Yes - cut through ONLY the chocolate while it is still soft.
              When it's firm/chilled you will then be able to complete the slicing neatly.

              In a similar vein, when making sandwiches with squishy fillings, cut the top slice of bread BEFORE placing it on top of the filling. You'll then be able to slice the sandwich in half, or quarters, without the filling being forced out the sides.

            2. Dip the knife blade in hot water, dry the blade, then slice. Repeat by dipping in hot water before every slice.