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Feb 8, 2014 01:01 AM


I had about 46 joints to try but w only 4 nights and an important beat down to witness on FEB 2- GO SEAHAWKS! I only made it to some of them. Below is a list of the places we hit up. Wish I had more time.....

​IGUANA RESTAURANT-stumbled upon restaurant.
- 6.5 / 10
- Acceptance meal, nothing special.
- Good guacamole, and staple foods. If need meal and you are in area, ok.

- 7 / 10
- Suggested by book " where chefs eat"
- decent coffee, lots of locations. Nothing with travelling to but good recharging spot if in area

- 9 / 10
- Good food, most things way above average. Does classic food justice.
- Duck Confit, frisse salad w lardon, spatzle, deserts- Amazing.
- Make rez, institution in NYC worth checking out.

​- 8.5 / 10
​- NYC institution, surly service, eat and get out!
​- Corned beef on rye, basic mustard and a pickle, can't go wrong.

- 7 / 10
- Good basic cheap eats. Basic after drinking greasy food
- Can't go wrong with Pep and bacon...

​- 8 / 10
- Good solid staples.
- Black Label Burger- simple basic burger- Pasta Za Za- decent pasta- Grand marnier souffle- good.
​- ​

- 7 / 10
- Stumbled upon this place and tried PB cookie and brownie- nothing special
- I hope the Maple PB and Chocolate PB I bought is good...

​- 9 / 10
- Recommended by locals in Brooklyn- worth the trip
- Meatball Hogie (awesome); spicy pork meatball in spicy sauce- all good. Super tender meat yet has texture. Dessert can be skipped- nothing special

​- 8 / 10
- Saw this name pop up multiple times. Made the trip to Brooklyn & also visited store in Manhattan
- Tried multiple things- Blueberry/miso shake(really grows on you... now kinda missing it...); ALL the cookies, good but PB was awesome; Pork bun, good but not as amazing as people made it sound; pretzel milk- ok. Salmon bagel thing- awesome! Crack pie- too sweet.

- 7.5 / 10
​- Recommended by a foodie as typical NYC pie
- I had it cold after night out, a friend brought it from store to our hotel. Good pie but thought Ray's was better.​

HALAL GUYS ​53rd & 6th
​- 8 / 10
- Told a must find by a SF foodie. BUT she said good luck, just look around 6th ave for a cart with a line up = not hard to find...
- Had the Chicken w rice. Perfect street food.... just make sure you get extra creamy yogurt type sauce to dump on the chicken and rice. So good

​- 7.5 / 10
- Was told to check out, a few around town.
- Was ok, nothing special, if you see it and need food, it is ok. Definitely way better dumplings (xiao long bao) in Vancouver.

- 9 / 10
- Had to find this... been to LA location, then Miami location- HANDS DOWN best burger under $15, in fact will beat most burgers PERIOD.
- Stuck with my usual - The Original. Simple, amazing..... sampled the Truffle, awesome, Monte Cristo special- was ok.
- Only complain.... it should be 10 / 10 (when I had it in LA and Miami) this medium rare was more of a medium to me.... AND waitress forgot to tell me their special was a 5 spice duck burger (so disappointed and way too full to eat a second burger, AND it was hours before my flight home...

​- 8 / 10
- simple basic burger- had it last time I was in NYC 2003. Same as before, good staple, med rare was well cooked, nothing fancy.

- 7.5 / 10
- Tried variety of cupcakes, still not fan of small cupcakes. some we good some ok.... Prefer larger cupcake, find it more moist.

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  1. glad you had a good trip. interesting comments and feedback.

    i'd like to know which chefs are eating at Le Pain Quotidien.

    but really, you called Minetta Tavern's BLB "basic" and "simple".

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    1. re: coasts

      I just wish it was longer to hit more food joints...

      The recommendation for Le Pain was from this book. Used it as a guide for Miami and New Orleans and they were about 75% on the money.

      The BLB was basic in the sense there was no special ingredients like "short rib", "foie gras" etc.. too many $28 burgers jazz it up with stuff that takes away from the true taste of the burger.

      1. re: chung006

        75% sounds low to me. Perhaps time to ditch the book ;)
        Just curious, where do they eat in New Orleans (I'm going back in April)

        Other expensive burgers do need those extras to jazz it up since the meat alone isnt that flavorful. Thats not the case however with the Black Label as you point out.

        1. re: Ziggy41

          LOL... I actually just get the book from the library and "borrow" the info. Usually add locations on google maps, really good way to have suggestions around the city I visit. The book isn't only about absolute amazing food, has hidden neighborhood gems that are consistent staples. Definitely find it at a library to browse.

          NOLA- have a look, the 2 I loved are August, they had a squash angnolotti that was one of the best things I have ever eaten... amazing.... Also Cochon butcher for lunch.

          NYC- The BLB was really good, but for price, if you get a chance, do check out Umami Burger, I can't get enough of that place. Been to LA, Miami and NYC... wish they opened one in Vancouver so I don't have to spend a flight to enjoy it....