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Feb 7, 2014 09:40 PM

Help! Videos of basic techniques needed

The problem is this: My DH (Mr Tex) has retired, and has recently been learning his way around the kitchen. His mother taught him a few things long ago, but most of that has gone down the memory hole. Things like oiling a saute pan before the vegetables go in, turning down the heat when things start to smoke, etc. He has become very proficient at knife skills (chops an onion faster than I do) and has mostly learned not to put them in the dishwasher, though an occasional paring knife still sneaks in. He learned through videos that he found online.

So does anyone know of any videos that show how to oil a saute pan, and how to saute veggies without scorching them, maybe the difference between simmering and boiling, and othier basic techniques? If I try to help, he just turns the job over to me.

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    1. Just to be clear--he may be putting the knives in the dishwasher, not the onions.

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        True. My antecedent wasn't clear. :-)

      2. WikiHow can instruct on almost anything. How to sauté vegetables:é-Vegetables

        For a step up, there is Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery course series of videos. They move a bit quickly, but do show basic techniques, and after a couple of recipes, he does a section on cooking tips; how to peel garlic, sharpen knives, etc. These videos also live on YouTube. What you have to be careful of with GR's videos, is the UK measurements and temps - conversion required.

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        1. iTunes U (their learning channel) has a collection called "Basics of Culinary" that focuses on specific techniques like that--knife cuts, how to poach, how to saute, how to make stock. It's very low key and really just the basics with no bells and whistles.

          You don't have to have an Apple product for it either. You can download the iTunes software for PC and access it from there if it interests you.

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            Thanks to you and everyone. Using this format really works well. You all have saved the day several times this week!