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Feb 7, 2014 08:27 PM

Suggestions for a small Fondue pot?

Hi friends,

I hope everyone is doing well in the New Year. I am interested in buying a small Fondue set - Pot, forks, flame burner for occasional use at home.

I am quite an amateur cook in the Kitchen, so something that is of good quality and simple to use, will be very helpful.

I look forward to your suggestions.


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  1. My suggestion... check out thrift store and yard sales!?! A few years ago, came across a "vintage" 70s, complete set... still in box, never used, 2-3 little cans of sterno that still jiggled when shook. Think they were THE (faddish) thing to give as shower gifts then. Was only $2-3, made fondue ONCE for a "girls night", and just stashed it on a shelf. SIL has borrowed it several times. Think fondue sorta came back when those chocolate fountain thingies were popular. Pretty sure I've seen electric ones in thrift stores?

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      second thrift stores - there are often several - many NIB - they do seem to range in quality somewhat look for one that seems solidly constructed. A formerly expensive one will likely be priced the same as a cheap one.

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        and today probably because of this suggestion i came across two matching NIB Dansk cast iron fondue pots at the thrift store - $2.50 a piece (they were on half off) could not resist I am not sure I will make fondue anytime soon but they seem like a good way to keep my beer-cheese dip warm - I hate when it gets all congealed, and at that price why not but the two.