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restaurant recommendations near Disney concert hall?

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restaurant recommendations near Disney concert hall?

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    1. If you are attending a matinee performance, you have more options than you will for a night performance.
      Very limited options, and while Patina is very good, very expensive, etal., you may want to find a place that provides a shuttle service to the hall, which occurs mostly for evening performances.
      Other than Sundays, the Colburn School diagonally across the street from Disney Hall has a decent café, nothing overly special but will suffice.
      On the other hand, if you want to eat after a matinee performance, I like Taix on Sunset @ Alvarado. Nothing gourmet you understand, but solid nevertheless. Two wine lists, meaning you must ask for the better version. But the wines are quite good, very reasonably priced, and a surprising value.

      1. Chaya
        Drago Centro
        Border Grill
        Cafe Pinot

        All offer shuttle service back to Disney Hall/the Music Center.