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Best direct from farm artisan bacon and/or sausage in S.E.Mass?

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As the title suggests, I'm looking for something local, something preferably organic, and something outstanding. Recently purchased some farm made Italian sausage made from heritage pork at a local organic farm in Barnstable on the Cape and it was outstanding. Pricey for sure, but so much more rich in flavor than even the better store made sausages I pick up in Boston and Providence. So, any tips for alternative sources, Hounds? Love to find some specialty bacon also.

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    1. Your best bet is probably to find a winter farmer's market with local meat products. http://www.massfarmersmarkets.org/

      Good luck!

        1. I agree with Rick V. that farmers’ markets may be your best option.

          An old mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island called Hope Artiste Village houses the Winters’ Farmers Market every Saturday until the beginning of May. One of the vendors, PV Farm Stand, offers a variety of meat products, including delicious boar. They have sausage and bacon in their product line but to assure they have what you want it may be best to request by e-mail for pick up at the Farmers’ Market. Farmer Frank is very accommodating.


          I think this market is the biggest winter one in New England. I get my coffee (New Harvest Coffee roastery, in another section of the mill, is open to the public and worth a visit), cheese (Narragansett Creamery), bread (Seven Stars, Olga’s), honey, apples, chicken (Pat’s Pastured), the above mentioned boar (PV Farm Stand), root vegetables, eggs, nuts (Virginia and Spanish Peanut Company) to mention just a few.

          I always have a cup of coffee, freshly baked pastry or lunch: African stew, Caribbean dishes, all-natural hot dogs, and on and on.

          The mill is a beautiful cavernous venue. All in all, quite a good time on a Saturday morning.


          1. My go to is Chez Pascal's Wurst Kitchen on Hope Street.


            1. CCG- (sorry, I have been off chowhound for a few months) Ok, I know this isn't local, as in you can't drive there in 30 minutes, but the sausage from Maurice Bonneau in Lisbon Falls, ME is outstanding. I have been eating his sausage since the pre-internet days when you had to bring it back in a cooler.

              1. Not SE Mass but if you are ever road tripping this has some of the best bacon I have ever had along with whole pork loins. Real pork flavor, not that mild stuff you get in the grocery store


                Have your tried Miss Scarlett's Blue Ribbon or Cape Cod Organic farm? When I was on the cape last fall I remember hearing about them and wanting to stop and get fresh eggs but we never made it over there.

                Lastly the Hingham farmers market in the summer usually has one or two stands selling fresh meats.

                1. I don't have a different source--we also buy from Cape Cod Organic Farm--but you might want to try this site for other sources: www.eatwild.com/products/massachusetts.

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                    Thanks everyone, I had counted this thread off as dead (seemingly much like Chowhound SE New England lately) I'm reminded that this community has so much to offer. Thanks .
                    I've had the heritage sausage form CC Organic Farm. I'll try the others recs soon and report back.