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Feb 7, 2014 05:51 PM

Fargo to Grand Forks to St James,MB recs??

Heading that way next week and am wondering about any 'interesting' stops along that corridor---actually anywheres from Wisconsin west along the 'I'---that deserves attention--will stop at Sandys donuts in the Fargo area--and the Red Pepper in GFK but other than that pretty wide open to most any kind of road food

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  1. Sandy's donuts are fantastic and I became a hesitant Red Pepper convert. Hated it at first, came to crave them after a long drive from Iowa to Fargo.

    I never made it to Grand Forks when I lived in Fargo-if you need a break between the two cities, Our Town Bakery is a cute coffee shop in Hillsboro. I stopped there once when they were newly opened and enjoyed a flaky pastry filled with beef stew. Here's their Facebook page:

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      The bakery in Hillsboro is a great stop that I had forgotten about!! I worked at the Red Pepper '67-69 so always try stop when back in the home country--haven't been north of GF for about 40yrs so the adventure will continue