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Feb 7, 2014 04:19 PM

Breakfast tacos - can you help a guy out?

Not to be too repetitive here but I have a few specific needs in my search.I've done quite a bit of research and here's what I'm looking for my only breakfast in Austin on this trip (doesn't mean I can't hit a couple or three stops): home-made torillas, barbacoa, lengua and al pastor.Thanks all for any help

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  1. I see you're from the Big Easy - I recommend a migas breakfast at Cisco's, w/biscuit, tortillas, any sides you want. Make it easy on yourself, you'll be sassified.

    1. el taco rico for the 'coa. can't help with the others. I did not care for ETR's pastor

      1. Cisco's - authentic, historic, Austin

        stay away from Torcheys..Tacodeli.. it is hipster breakfast food

        1. Look up La Fruta Feliz on here and elsewhere. They have killer tortillas that you will hear being "pitty patted" out for the griddle after you order your food. their goat barbacoa is outstanding (chico), as are the pastor and carnitas. find / ask for a squeezer of the avocado salsa. it's kicked up and a great addition to everything. don't be distracted by the fact the spot and area isn't much to speak of. these are probably the best tacos in town and anything better is really just splitting hairs. at least for those fillings, for sure. +1 for el taco rico.

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            they are good....

            but do youfind they tend to be out of stuff? whic of coure when you are at make it from scratch place is a risk I rather have that than let me thaw another bag anyday

            1. re: girloftheworld

              Hmmm, I bet I've eaten weekday lunches there (work at UT, so it's a 5 min. drive) 50 times or more and can't recall them being out of anything but maybe consistent chips and salsa. Sometimes they'll make their chips fresh fried, others they're some awful tostitos knockoff. I always get a two meat plate half and half pastor, carnitas, and chivo in some combination. love it.

              1. re: slowcoooked

                must have been the time I hit ..late after lunch rush and twice they were out of carnitas...and onces they had a special of cabra .. good to know it is an exception fluke

          2. tacodeli makes some of the most legit tacos in town for lunch. for breakfast tacos you want to go just about anywhere on south lamar or don juans.

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