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Interesting taco toppings

HI! I will be making filet tacos tomorrow night, filet is already cooked and just waiting to be sliced! I also made some chimichurri, and bought some red onions that I'm going to quick-pickle tonight, along with some avocados I'm going to marinate in lime and a little olive oil, and a sprinkling of ceyenne. I also have some sour cream and fresh cilantro in the fridge. Any other flavors/toppings that might be interesting? I would like to stay away from iceburg/shredded cheese/traditional guac/diced tomato combo. Thanks!!

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  1. As long as you are quick pickling, do some thinly sliced radishes for a couple of minutes. Shredded cabbage lightly dressed with crema and lime juice. Finely grated cotija cheese.

    1. julienned baby bell peppers

      1. Charred or roasted, peeled, seeded & juilenne poblano chiles

        Roasted corn - frozen corn on a lined sheet pan; sprinkle with cumin, oregano, s & p then toss with olive oil and roast in oven.

        Roasted or pickled nopales are interesting.

        Instead of cabbage, consider making a slaw with chayote or jicama

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          +1 to the corn

          I pan-fry in a bit of oil, then add seasonings.

          Such a nice crunchy contrast!

        2. Kimchi is awesome on tacos, pickled onions too.

          1. A quick and easy red cabbage slaw- just shredded tossed with lime juice and a pinch of salt.

            1. It sounds like you already have some great toppings!
              I think a side of a cabbage slaw with cilantro and a lime vinegrette would be perfect, some pickled jalapenos if you like it spicy

                1. I like to blend cilantro, Serranos, garlic, oil, and maybe some mint to make a 'chutney'. Add ginger if you want a kick.

                  1. Shredded, marinated daikon

                    1. A few chipotles en adobo
                      sour cream
                      lime juice

                      1. sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, parmesan frico

                        1. Kimchi
                          Miso pickled cucumbers
                          Corn and black bean salsa

                          1. I assume you mean filet of beef?

                            The least flavorful of all beef cuts, you're on the right track to serve with a punched up sauce like chimichurri.

                            I like the idea of something pickled, but it may overwhelm, and pickled vegs are usually best with fatty cuts, to cut through the unctuous flavor and provide a counterpoint or pop. Filet is the least fatty cut of all.

                            Other sauces like a chile jam? Sweet & hot? Or something creamy and fatty like a curried aioli?
                            Or something bitter like flash fried broccoli rabe? I also like Cheryl's idea of jicama or chayote. Or an herb salsa with parsley, citrus zest, diced onion instead of raw garlic like a gremolata. Or you can add toasted pine nuts, basil, grated Parm & golden raisins for a picadillo type flavor.

                            Decide what flavor profile you want to go in, then use ingredients in that profile that provide texture & brightness or acidity.

                            1. I agree w/the crema and with the pickled radishes. Sounds great, but I will bring some cheese

                              1. can one pickle jicama? that would be good!

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                                  1. Thinly sliced habaneros.