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Feb 7, 2014 03:13 PM

What are you making for Valentines Dinner?

I'm thinking of maybe a pasta dish, possibly lasagna because I don't want to do just heart ravioli with red sauce. Also thinking about making my own Beet Pasta if I can't find it in stores. Or lastly something that will pair well with Chocolate Beer. Would love to get your suggestions ideas too, what are you making for Valentine's Dinner?

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  1. Heart ravioli.... :-P I haven't fleshed out the rest of the meal yet. I'll be watching this thread for ideas!

    1. Dh & I go to Vegas each V-day but for the family house sitting I'm preparing their V-day dinner with a heart-shaped meatloaf for my brother (this goes back to when we were kids) and a rose cake for my SIL. Along with some roasted vegetables and two nice wines. The dogs gets homemade doggie treats in the shape of a newspaper.

      Enjoy your celebrations!

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        Snow derailed our flight plans but we all wound up snuggled in front of the fireplace enjoying the food and wine as planned for two; now four. Vegas will be there next weekend!

      2. Salmon, sweet potatoes, veggies of some sort. All just the prelude to dessert - a chocolate cake, maybe heart-shaped, with vanilla ice cream. Hmm - dessert first?

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        1. re: MidwesternerTT

          We went out for lunch and a movie, followed by some terrific coffee gelato. Some much-needed time out of the house after weeks of snow & cold. So the chocolate cake baking planned will happen sometime this next week. Later, we still had the salmon for dinner, with veggies & lemon/butter pasta.

        2. Definitely couer de la creme and raspberry linzer hearts. Hopefully cold creamy chocolate truffles....

          As far as savory.... still thinking.

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          1. re: Becca Porter

            I just saw someone make couer de la creme on a PBS show.... Looked interesting!

            1. re: Becca Porter

              i once gave a fondue party for VD... cheese for "main" and chocolate for dessert. was invited once for a meat fondue... didn't "get" this since beef on fork never seemed to cook completely in oil; never tried it on my own

              1. re: betsydiver

                2 years ago I surprised my husband with a 3-course fondue dinner for Valentines Day: (1) cheese served with bread cubes and sliced apples; (2) beef and sliced vegetables with hot oil; and (3) chocolate with cubed pound cake, and some apple slices. A huge hit.

                As to cooking the beef, it needs to be in small pieces and the oil needs to be preheated on the stovetop to get it very hot. As I recall, I used sirloin steak; doesn't need to be cooked through -- just medium rare.