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Feb 7, 2014 01:55 PM


I waited wayyyy to long to make a reservation for Valentines Day. But I had been so busy with my vacation to Vegas last weekend (got engaged! woo!) that it slipped through the cracks!

Now I think I am screwed! Anywhere that is decent and in our price range is booked.

I need your help! Any suggestions for a last minute Valentines Dinner? We would go up to $75 per person. We enjoy healthier options and especially farm-to-table food. We would prefer to find somewhere with a reservation available instead of risking a long wait.

I already tried Nightwood, Bristol, Duseks, Publican, Lulas, Blackbird, Avec, Gilt, etc.


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  1. First of all, congrats on your engagement.
    There were tables for 2 at Old Town Social on opentable and on Il Pesce/Eataly on seatme.
    Alternatively, when you looked for the reservations, did you try calling the restaurants? They usually hold several tables for phone reservations and walk ins, especially on a busy night such as Valentine's Day, especially for this year since it falls on a weekend.
    Worse comes to worst, try a restaurant that doesn't take reservations such as Fat Rice, Ruxbin or Longman and Eagle. Just be wary of the wait times though. Good luck on your search!