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Akai Sakana Japanese Restaurant Rosarito is Closing/Moving

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Akai Sakana Japanese Restaurant is closing its location in Rosarito and moving to Guanajuato.

They were made an offer they couldn't refuse by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai (I hope i have that right)who wanted an authentic Japanese restaurant convenient to the factories that are currently ongoing a high investment focused on providing product to the U.S.

They wanted to keep the location in Rosarito open, but, "We do not have the human resources."

They are very sad to be leaving and are so grateful for the support of their loyal customers and they are very proud that visiting celebrities working at the Fox studios visited them several times, most notably, Robert Redford when he was filming "All is Lost."

Their website address is: http://www.akaisakana.webs.com/

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