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Feb 7, 2014 01:18 PM

buffet for dinner. please help me choose

Bellagio buffet or Wicked Spoon. Friday night at Bellagio is $39.95 & Wicked Spoon is $41. On past trips I've had breakfast or lunch at Bellagio. How's Wicked Spoon?

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  1. wicked spoon costs more than bellagio now?
    bellagio lines are KILLER
    wicked spoon's food is good, but not as good as bellagio
    but the fact that the lines are so much shorter makes it more attractive
    plus, it is cleaner at wicked spoon, because all dishes come in individual servings, rather than from a large tray

    a few years ago, it was 7 bucks for unlimited house wine

    1. We did wicked spoon for lunch, and didn't think much of it. Most dishes everyone inmourmparty thought were just ok. Desserts were good, never done the Bellagio buffet

      1. Neither go to Bacchanal at Caesar's quality and variety is much better, the only thing better at wicked spoon is their cheese board. The price is higher but its worth it.