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Feb 7, 2014 12:40 PM

Full Moon in White Plains -- still open?

Has anybody been at the Thai restaurant Full Moon in White Plains this past week?

We had reservations for Wednesday night dinner to celebrate my son's birthday. The woman who took the reservations said if there were any issues with the snow, she'd call.

On Wednesday, as it snowed, I called Full Moon all day to make sure we were still on. Nobody ever picked up.

We went by the restaurant at the appointed time -- it was closed!

Truly annoyed by this, I called up this afternoon to find out what happened -- still, nobody picking up the phone.

So now I am wondering what is going on there.

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  1. This doesn't necessarily answer your question, but there is a current offer for this restaurant on one of the discount services (not going to say which one, since that's against CH policy).

    Sounds like a really annoying and unfortunate experience you had!