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Feb 7, 2014 12:16 PM

Pizza and beer...

So, I have a fairly new DC in my life. While the child of Dot parents and a South Shore childhood, she has been away for more then a decade. We have been hitting the best chow spots in town for a bit now and are looking for something more low key. I drew a blank when she requested a chill place for pizza and beer. The Salty Pig was rejected as too fancy (for tonight, we have been a few times otherwise). Aside from the Newtowne in Porter I can't think of anything that fits. You know, split a pie and salad, linger over a pitcher or 2, fairly cheap but not a take out focused place. The South End would be best case scenario, but we drive or take the t for roti or tacos so I don't think going a few miles would be the end of the world. Thanks

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  1. Ha, came here to post Newtowne just from reading the subject line. Place rules.

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    1. re: rknrll

      Every time I've been there, it's been dirty, kinda stinky, the pizza's been cafeteria-quality, and the beer's watery. It's cheap, though, I'll give it that!

      1. re: Boston_Otter

        The pizza is of a certain type to be sure, but better then cafeteria quality. The beer selection is small but they have a few drinkable options. It's not ideal. But it represents a kind of place from a time and place that are fast retreating in the rear-view mirror (granted the new chow options are much better, but it's the set and setting I'm talking about here)

        1. re: coolaugustmoon

          It's gentrified a lot over the last 5 years. I remember back when you could hear all of the locals hush and check you out if you weren't a regular and the beer options were basically bud & bud lite - now it's more of a hipster & 20/30 something crowd and they have some craft beer options. There was even a spiffy paint job a few years back.

          I'd say the pizza ain't great but is ok for what it's trying to be, particularly when you consider it's only a few bucks if you're getting a pitcher of beer.

          Neither the pizza nor the beer selection are all that and a bag of chips, but it's the sort of place that I can go with my friends and end up full & tipsy for not a whole lot of cash (unless I partake too much in keno).

          1. re: jgg13

            I won $150 playing Keno once at Newtowne by trying to lose (pick 12 numbers and hit 0 to win $4) but I hit 8/12 for $150.

            Also, 5 years ago this April I went to my now girlfriend's birthday thing at Newtowne. Very memorable as a girl at the bar pissed herself and left without a shoe.

            1. re: rknrll

              Dang, I need to go there more often!

    2. hmmm, while I would usually recomend Regina's (as they have the best pizza in town IMHO), they don't serve salad.....but in the same neighborhood is Ducali, which has pretty good pizza, and other items on the menu, and I think the atmosphere fits the bill.

        1. Area 4?

          I love the pizza at Coppa, but maybe it's not as laid-back as you want?

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          1. re: LeoLioness

            I was thinking the new outpost, the A4 pizza bar outside of union square.

            1. re: LeoLioness

              Coppa is very nice when you grab an outside table - obviously that depends on the weather - and eat your pizza al fresco. It is my favorite pizza in Boston.

            2. Waaay back in the day my go-to for pizza & beer was Crossroads, but that was decades ago and apparently now the pizzas are "flatbreads" and are a minor part of the menu.

              Hmm - speaking of pubby places that have pizzas as part of a bigger menu, what about Doyle's out in JP?