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Feb 7, 2014 09:57 AM

Best foie gras dishes in DC area


I'm a Californian traveling to DC in late March. Because of the ban on foie gras in CA, I'm hoping to eat as much as possible when I'm there. Can people recommend good foie dishes/restaurants in the DC area?


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  1. Bastille does an app terrine of foie-gras maison, pain d’Epices, with macerated fruits. Anything bigger than an app portion and you'll need to see a doctor.

    1. Cedar usually does a pretty good one. It changes based on Chef McCloud's mood, but I've always enjoyed it. They even made sure it was included in the 5 and 7 course meals whenever I asked for it to be substituted.

      1. Proof.

        Rogue and Minibar do interesting foie gras dishes, but neither are places I would recommend where the goal is "to each as much as possible".

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          definitely not minibar - I ate there WAAAAAAY back when they were doing the sugar cube sized bit on a stick wrapped in cotton candy and there was some minced in a demitasse of soup.

          great flavors, but certainly not in any quantity.

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            Thanks, everyone, for the recommendations. I'll check them out. It doesn't need to be a full meal of foie or in massive amounts, my goal is just one dish with foie gras per day....super healthy...

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              The foie at Charlie Palmer, served with warm corn bread and apple sauce, was really good. The rest of the meal was disappointing but perfect if you're just looking for foie.

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            Foie was not served as part of the Journey menu at Rogue when I went last month.

          3. Le Diplomat has an incredibly delicious and incredibly decadent foie gras parfait on their appetizer menu. Would be a great way to start a meal or could be a meal in and of itself with a cocktail and a side salad.

            1. Green Pig Bistro in Clarendon had a great duck dish with foie, but not sure if it is still on the menu, and just outside DC in Arlington.

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                Thanks, didn't see it on the menu, but we'll be staying in Arlington, so I'll stop in and see