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Feb 7, 2014 09:49 AM

downtown la bday dinner for 15 people

any ideas? for a 31st? somewhere fun and hip and good! help! thanks guys!

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  1. ACE hotel restaurant is sizzling - but I don't personally know if it is cooking anything tasty. Have heard good rumours.
    Stocking Frame is delicious and really big.

    New terroni, bestia, factory kitchen are all also worthy of your consideration.

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      oh you are good!!! : ) thanks so much!

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        I went to Terroni a few weeks ago and it was excellent! Great service and amazing pasta! It would be a nice venue and they could definitely fit your group (it's a large space).

    2. No food on roof at Ace for a few weeks, and the cafe downstairs cannot accommodate 15 people. But worth going to the Ace for a drink after dinner at Terroni or Macheroni Republic or Tiara or Pattern Bar...

      1. Le Ka by the Standard Hotel is a little on the corporate side but the food is both delicious and remarkably consistent for larger groups. My wife and I actually had our rehearsal dinner there after trying it once ourselves. They knocked it out of the park. One of our guests, who is actually a chef himself, described it as the best rehearsal dinner he had. (Granted, the bar for rehearsal dinners is probably pretty low.)

        As Bob mentioned, Stocking Frame is delightful and maybe my favorite place in downtown right now, but it might be tricky getting such a large reservation on short notice.

        1. I would look at, in no particular order,

          Stocking Frame
          Orsa & Winston