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Uses for "spicy vegetable juice" aka spicy v8

Anybody have any interesting uses for spicy v8? I have a whole bottle of it in my fridge leftover from Super Bowl (to make red beers) but nobody drank it. Other than other beverages, does anybody have an interesting use for this juice?

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  1. + Stock and vegetables, 1 can tomatoes (or rotel) = Spicy tomato soup

    1. the obvious is a soup. maybe a chicken tortilla...

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          I use it in place of standard tomato juice as the liquid in veggie beef soup. Its definitely adds a depth of flavor that plain tomato juice doesn't have.

        2. I sometimes use the regular V8 as a soup base. The spicy version might be good in chili, or a thick vegetable soup.

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            Same idea. V8 is my go to base for basic vegetable beef soup. Spicy would be good as I usually doctor it up a lot anyway.

            1. Yes to soup or chili ideas. Or just freeze it in ice cube trays, pop into a freezer bag, and toss a cube or two into tomato sauce for lasagna, enchiladas. Gazpacho next summer. Bloody Mary's whenever!

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              1. A faux cajun chicken.
                Dust cubed chicken in flour, brown in a bit of oil. Remove chicken, toss chopped onion/green pepper/celery/garlic into pan. Soften.
                Sprinkle some flour into the veggies (like a roux) and stir, add chicken, then V8.

                1. Beef stew, or pot roast.

                  1. I use a glug of it in meatloaf, gazpacho, Bloody Marys (of course)

                    and per this post, as a marinade ingredient.


                    1. I use it to cook stuffed green peppers or cabbage to replace regular tomato sauce. The spiciness add some spunk to the sauce.

                      1. Great in meatloaf or use in chili to replace some of the tomatoes.

                        1. V-8 (though in my case *not* spicy) is the secret to my mother's shrimp Creole ...sauté trinity (celery, onions, and green bell peppers), add V-8 and thicken, add shrimp, cook 'til done, then serve over white rice. Yum!

                          1. Tequila spiked cherry tomatoes!

                            Always a crowd pleaser app.

                            I'll try to find the recipe but it's basically finely diced veggies marinated in v8 and tequila stuffed into a hollowed out cherry tomato

                            1. My mother would use tomato juice to make a very light pasta sauce like a pasta and peas or pasta and ceci. It would be really good using Spicy V-8, I think.

                              1. Use half veg stock and half spicy v8 as the liquid cooking rice/quinoa/polenta etc

                                Mix with carrot juice until you like it from the glass.

                                1. gazpacho is how i use it!

                                  but it really is like a garden salad in the blender: cukes, parsley, garlic, tomatoes, green and red bell pepper, green onion (or white or red), basil if you want, v8…. sherry vinegar…..boom!

                                  summer in a glass!

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                                    +1 for shortcut gazpacho! Learned the V8 trick years ago- a suggestion from Shirleigh Moog- and have been using ever since.

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                                      I always use it in gazpacho too! Its my "secret ingredient" :) but, um, in the northeast gazpacho doesn't sound good right now- its too damned cold!

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                                        if you whir it to great smoothness, you could heat it and serve hot! drizzle EVOO on top and add a few garlic croutons!

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                                        Nowadays I usually get Knudsen's Very Veggie juice. Similar to v8 but it has a pronounced bell pepper flavor that to my taste makes a great gazpacho. And it's organic.

                                    2. Thanks for all the ideas everyone! Keep them coming, the container of the juice is ginormous!

                                      1. Beef minute steaks, fill with bread stuffing and roll up, secure with toothpick, simmer in V-8 to cook.

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                                          Or make a tomato gravy with it for chicken fried steak or biscuits

                                        2. Sloppy Joes! If you eat that sort of thing..

                                          1. As part of the liquid in braised dishes- would be great for braised red cabbage with onions

                                            1. You could probably use it as one of the liquids when making Spanish Rice. I normally use half chicken stock and half spicy tomato sauce (Goya or El Pato brand), but the Spicy V8 should work too. I would probably try and use low sodium broth though since the V8 is salty. Toss in some peas and corn for color too, and serve it with some Carnitas.

                                              You may be able to use it in a batch of homemade BBQ sauce too, in place of any tomato sauce it calls for.

                                              It would probably work in a ceviche as well along with some fresh lime juice.

                                              A braised Swiss Steak with it would be good as well.

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                                                  I've made BBQ sauce using bloody Mary mix, V8 would work in the same way

                                                2. Any place a recipe calls for "vegetable broth" (which I think always tends to taste like dish water) replace it with V-8.

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                                                  1. I like to make aspic with it and serve it with cottage cheese.

                                                    1. Georgia Red Wings

                                                      4lbs chicken wings
                                                      1 cup soy sauce
                                                      3/4 cup water
                                                      1/2 cup Texas Pete hot sauce
                                                      1/2 cup lemon juice
                                                      1 1/4 cup Spicy V8

                                                      Marinade overnight
                                                      Dust with favorite BBQ rub

                                                      Grill indirect at 350 for about
                                                      45 minutes with a chunk of cherry.