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Feb 7, 2014 09:27 AM

Uses for "spicy vegetable juice" aka spicy v8

Anybody have any interesting uses for spicy v8? I have a whole bottle of it in my fridge leftover from Super Bowl (to make red beers) but nobody drank it. Other than other beverages, does anybody have an interesting use for this juice?

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  1. + Stock and vegetables, 1 can tomatoes (or rotel) = Spicy tomato soup

    1. the obvious is a soup. maybe a chicken tortilla...

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        1. re: daislander

          I use it in place of standard tomato juice as the liquid in veggie beef soup. Its definitely adds a depth of flavor that plain tomato juice doesn't have.

        2. I sometimes use the regular V8 as a soup base. The spicy version might be good in chili, or a thick vegetable soup.

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          1. re: kcshigekawa

            Same idea. V8 is my go to base for basic vegetable beef soup. Spicy would be good as I usually doctor it up a lot anyway.

            1. Yes to soup or chili ideas. Or just freeze it in ice cube trays, pop into a freezer bag, and toss a cube or two into tomato sauce for lasagna, enchiladas. Gazpacho next summer. Bloody Mary's whenever!

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