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Smoked salmon

I have three large packages of wild Alaskan smoked salmon on hand. How can I use any in recipes?

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  1. Smoked salmon chowder

    Pasta with smoked salmon

    Salad with smoked salmon

    Just plain

    In scrambled eggs

    While not lox, bagels and smoked salmon

    Maybe as a stuffing to another fish (never tried this but why not)

    1. Yum - just eat it :) - SS never makes it far from the package in my house

      it goes great in scrambled eggs though

      or in Blini

      1. Hash, with over easy eggs.

        1. Risotto with smoked salmon and goat cheese.

          1. Some great ideas! Thank you very much. I shall do the pasta dish first, and then look up a recipe for risotto with smoked salmon. I love the idea of the hash but clueless as to how to make it.

              1. re: zackly

                I'm guessing it's cold smoked. 99% sold in airtight packages is.
                Self life and appearance. It's really hard to keep a 'pellicle' from forming during the hot smoke process. It can be a bit 'off-putting' to some who don't know what the 'white stuff' on the fish is.

              2. I used to have a local restaurant that would do either a tarragon or dill cream sauce with goat cheese, cream cheese and heavy cream with capers over linguini that was delightful.

                I do it at home all the time since it's no longer an option.

                Also do smoked salmon in scrambled eggs, on bagles or even sliced and toasted baguette slices rubbed with garlic and either a goat cheese or cream cheese spread as breakfast or appetizers.

                I do a riff on bagel and lox sushi with it as well. Toasted bagels crumbs along with seasame seeds sprinked on top.

                A little goes a long with smoked salmon.

                I have somewhere a smoked salmon dip from a restuarant out of Florida that I need to find. It is devine.

                I;ve got some vancouver bc smoked salmon in the fridge now.

                Again, it's a guilty pleasure but a little goes far for me.

                1. Salmon eggs benedict, lox type sandwiches with cream cheese or sour cream.

                  1. Sushi rolls. Albeit not authentic but safer to work with than raw salmon.

                      1. Make an alfredo sauce (saute a little fresh garlic in butter for it), add lightly steamed match stick cut carrots, smoked salmon and a lot of snipped fresh dill (to taste). Add smoked salmon.

                        Cook fettuccine - either plain, spinach or a combination of both - toss with sauce - top with shredded parmesan. Yummy.

                        1. My favorite panini:
                          Smoked Salmon, Pesto Aioli, Cream Cheese, Capers, Red Onion