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Feb 7, 2014 07:08 AM

New Birthday Event: Same Deal, Gotta have Parking and Quiet

Only this time it's my birthday, so top notch seafood, particularly
Maine Lobster and other finny goodies highest on my list, but resto
also has to have food choices for meat-eating veg loving hubby.

Possibility of super upscale lunch here, which would make Philly
destinations accessible by cab possible also.

What's new and good; I haven't eaten out much lately. Again,
am looking for someplace new that neither hubby nor I have been to

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  1. Have you been to Route6? Easy street parking.
    Also, Fuji - one of your favorites - is featuring lobster stuffed with crabmeat. Sounds great!

    1. Oh yeah, Syl, Route 6 has my name written all over it!
      Only problem might be limited choices for non-fish eating hubby, but I will call them. No, I was not aware of Route 6; thanks so much.

      And, yes, I did notice the lobster special dish at Fuji, which
      is definitely my fall-back destination if Route 6 doesn't work out. Fuji's special lobster preparations are heavenly.

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      1. re: Bashful3

        I second the Route 6 suggestion, though your concern about non fish/seasfood eating is fair. Their menu should be up to date on the website. I recall them doing a fried chicken, as well as a filet in their wood fired oven.

        An off the wall suggestion is Fat Ham.. they have a country fried lobster tail, as well as a trout on the menu. And of course lots of pork! Parking is usually pretty easy over there on street, especially if you go early and are not competing with World Cafe Comatose down the street.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Estia has really good seafood (albeit at a cost) and accessible parking next door at the Bellevue garage. Granted it's not new but it's good.

          1. re: bluehensfan

            Estia is really good, has more no seafood selections but doesn't serve lobster regularly. Route 6 is trying to be a Cape Cod Seafood house, so you get lobster all the time there... can't go wrong with either.

      2. Decision made. Good friends will be joining us for a lunchtime Omikase at Fuji in Haddonfield. Lobster, Matt Ito style is already ordered for my main course, rest will
        be a delightful surprise. Hubby not in on the Omikase,
        but he always finds plenty of good stuff to his liking on the regular menu that is not 'fish'.

        Route 6 is on my list for another lobster splurge some other time. Thanks all for good suggestions.